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17 Copywriting Secrets - Improve Your Copy Faster

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

17 Copywriting Secrets - Improve Your Copy Faster

17 Copywriting Secrets:

Here are 17 Copywriting Secrets that'll improve your copy faster than any $999 copywriting course:

  1. Don't write copy for everyone. Write for one reader.

  2. If you want to sell fast, teach first.

  3. Give the customer someone or something to blame and a way "out."

  4. Normalize using 5 words sentences and lists. They're easy to read.

  5. Never oversell a problem, say everything as it is. Your prospects aren't dumb.

  6. Never oversell a solution, say it as it is.

  7. Invent a language for what you're trying to teach your customers. This is how you create a conversation.

  8. Focus on solving present problems not what you think might be necessary in the future.

  9. Remind the customer what happens if they don't solve a certain problem.

  10. Tell your customers what your product does for them.

  11. Always deliver what you promise and offer guarantees. Your customers will trust you forever.

  12. Know your audience so you know when to use niche specific language.

  13. Don't tell people about your brand. Tell them what category you represent.

  14. Never sell a process, sell results. No one wants to know it's going to take them time.

  15. Avoid the word "better" instead tell customers the specific difference they should expect.

  16. To speak to a larger audience, avoid "you're" and use "you might be."

  17. Don't sell, give your customers an opportunity to change.

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