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20 Tips To Boost Your Copywriting Goals.

20 short pieces of advice to BOOST your copywriting:

1. You're the least important person for your prospect, don't focus on you.

2. People care only about the benefits they gain.

3. People don't read testimonials; instead, they scroll to see how many there are.

4. Write that a 5-year-old kid can understand you.

5. Avoid big blocks of text.

6. Don't use complex words to describe something that simple words can.

7. Your writing sounds believable when you use specific numbers and language.

8. People will do more to prevent a loss than gain pleasure.

9. The most powerful words are 'YOU' and 'FREE.'

10. Crank up emotions with powerful words; Astonishing, jaw-dropping, bloodcurdling.

11. Editing is a part of a good copy.

12. Don't use the word "very"

13. Use contractions; "You're" instead of "You are"

14. Avoid words with "-ing."

15. Emulate others' success. They were doing the same ;)

16. Focus on one strongest benefit in your copy.

17. Don't make people feel "sold."

18. Length of the offer doesn't matter as long as it's engaging.

19. Read low-rate reviews of your competitors and use that info to handle objections in your copy.

20. Use active voice over passive.

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