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[2023] - Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches 2023:

Top 7 Emerging Markets for Affiliates [2023] for Profitable Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

[Research by Propeller Ads Advertising Network]

1. Nigeria:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

iGaming, Sweepstakes, Finance (Forex), Mobile Subscriptions,

Dating, and Utilities.

Smartphone owners: 37.34%

Interesting Insights:

The World Bank acknowledges Nigeria as one of the most significant emerging markets.

The country has 200,000 daily Forex traders.

Summary Recommendations:

When working with Nigeria, grab a nice iGaming or Finance offer, choose Push + In-Page Push or Onclick, target mobile Android users, and roll your ads.

iGaming is great for football events, Finance is ever-green.

2. Brazil:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

iGaming, Sweepstakes, Finance, and Dating.

Smartphone owners: 61.6%

Interesting Insights:

Brazil has the strongest emerging economy in Latin America and the twelfth largest GDP in the world.

As Statista highlights, 48% of the population play online 1-3 times a week.

This is a country of football and you will meet thousands of fans there.

One of the most important events to target is Copa Libertadores — the main South American tournament, where Brazilian teams also participate.

Summary Recommendations:

Brazil must be one of the best GEOs for Finance and iGaming campaigns, especially Credit Cards.

Whenever you promote iGaming offers, make sure to choose Onclick as a format and a landing that brings users right to the registration form, where they perform target actions.

As for Finance, focus on educational apps that help users grasp the principles of successful trading.

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3. India:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

Dominant - iGaming, and Finance.

[P.S: Cross-check with legal systems in place]

You can also pay attention - Dating, eCommerce, and Utilities.

Smartphone owners: 35.4%

Interesting Insights:

One of the fastest-growing economies around the globe with a rapidly-developing middle class.

As for the regulations, iGaming is legal in particular states, including Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

Cricket is very popular in India.

Indians are fond of live games with croupiers.

If you target users with the latest OS version, you will get high-quality traffic.

Summary Recommendations:

Finance and iGaming perform the best in India, especially crypto and online games.

Target Android Mobile or Windows desktop users, Push or Onclick format (regarding your chosen vertical), and CPC or CPA Goal pricing model for Onclick and Push accordingly.

4. The Philippines:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

eCommerce, iGaming, Finance, Mobile Content, Sweep Stakes, and Utilities.

Smartphone owners: 84.67%

Interesting Insights:

The truth is that this market has a huge potential in this country, since locals live a very digital lifestyle.

According to Statista, 56% of locals play daily.

And if you prefer the Finance vertical, you should pick Loans offers.

Promote Leadgen and Metaverse/Crypto offers.

Summary Recommendations:

The choice of a vertical is pretty large for the Philippines, so you have freedom here.

Plus, regulations for iGaming and Finance shouldn’t bother you in this GEO, which makes it even more appealing for your campaigns.

5. Indonesia:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

Dating, eCommerce, iGaming, and Sweep Stakes.

Smartphone owners: 75.4%

Interesting Insights:

In 2022, 32% of Indonesian men and 26% of women used Dating apps.

iGaming is illegal inside the country, but most foreign websites allow registrations from Indonesia.

Affiliates launch iGaming campaigns on Push, while eCommerce brings exceptional results with Onclick.

For Indonesia, it is important to write an ad copy in Indonesian.

· Promote LeadGen and Metaverse/Crypto offers.

Summary Recommendations:

Indonesia is the right GEO for your Dating, eCommerce, or iGaming campaign.

All these verticals show exceptional results, especially when you choose Push or Onclick as an ad format.

Again, target Android mobile users or Windows desktop ones.

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6. Malaysia:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

eCommerce, iGaming, Sweep Stakes, and Utilities.

Smartphone owners: 88.79%

Interesting Insights:

In iGaming, check racing and online games, especially those that are licensed in Malaysia.

Summary Recommendations:

The best verticals for Malaysia are iGaming, eCommerce, Utilities, and Sweepstakes.

For eCommerce offers, our Sales Team recommends Lazada and Shopee offers with CPM and Smart CPM, cleaners perform great with CPA Goal, while iGaming works best with CPC.

Push and Interstitial are efficient for iGaming.

Target Android users and translate your banners into Malaysian or/and Chinese.

7. Thailand:

Emerging Verticals [Affiliate Niches]:

eCommerce, iGaming, and Sweep Stakes.

Smartphone owners: 79%

Interesting Insights:

For instance, lotteries and horse racing are legal, while numerous online games are not or just partly.

Summary Recommendations:

Thailand, like many other Asian GEOs, is great for iGaming, Sweepstakes, and eCommerce offers.

For iGaming and eCommerce, you are recommended to try Push or Onclick for campaign testing.

Focus on Thai language to write texts for your banners and search for relevant images - like pictures of typical locals. Target Android mobile or Windows desktop users.

Serious Note and Recommendations from Roman Manuylov, Alfaleads CEO:

If you choose to work with iGaming in Asia, mind strict regulations. Even if your creatives pass moderation, it doesn’t mean that users will convert eagerly.

Asian market is huge and fast-growing, therefore - affiliates will definitely enjoy a huge range of opportunities there.

To get the best possible results, you should do your research first and find out more about the cultural specifics of a targeted GEO, as well as vertical-related trends.

In addition to research, you can always ask your manager for help - most likely, they will help you choose the best offer for a chosen country.

All the reviewed GEOs, except for Brazil, belong to Tier-3. This means that traffic from these countries is affordable, but the payouts are not very high.

One of the main things you need to consider when working with Tier-3 GEOs is that the Internet connection might not be stable.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding “heavy” and large creatives, which is especially true for mobile traffic.

In-app and display ads also work great around all the emerging GEOs.

Final Word:

These GEOs are extremely fruitful for your affiliate marketing campaigns. They have tons of affordable traffic, strong economies, and high levels of Internet and mobile penetration.

Be careful with iGaming regulations and make sure to follow your offer requirements in this regard.

If interested, you may access the complete report here. [Look for more affiliate programs based on your interested niche using Affilisting]

With the recent update on LinkedIn, here are the Top 10 ClickBank niches:

  1. Dietary Supplements,

  2. Diets and Weight Loss,

  3. Dental Health,

  4. Survival,

  5. Women's Health,

  6. Spirituality and New Age,

  7. Marriage and Relationships,

  8. Green Products and Alternative Energy,

  9. E-Business and E-Marketing, and

  10. Home and Gardening

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Niche insights from