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52 SMS Marketing Statistics And Findings: For E-Commerce!

52 SMS Marketing Statistics And Findings: For E-Commerce!

Shopper behavior is changing, and it’s increasingly happening on smartphones. Now, more than ever, consumers are on their phones. The statistics and findings below highlight the importance of SMS marketing, even in the new era of social commerce, which cannot be overlooked!

Explore these 52 Key Insights/Findings and Stats from ‘The Complete Guide To SMS Marketing (for E-Commerce)’ by Yotpo, that might help any e-commerce business owner, entrepreneur, or any online marketer (if you are one of these) to plan for the future of SMS Marketing to increase sales or conversion rates and also to stay ahead in the competition:

  1. Every day, the average person spends over 4 hours on a mobile device and checks their phone more than 150 times. These numbers are staggering — and they continue to rise.

  2. Yotpo Survey revealed that more than 65% of online shoppers choose to browse or buy online from their mobile devices, as opposed to on a laptop or desktop computer.

  3. It’s predicted that almost 70% of total eCommerce sales will be mobile by 2024.

  4. The rise of mobile commerce means brands can communicate with customers in more ways than ever before.

  5. The average SMS open rate is a whopping 98%.

  6. 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

  7. 51% of consumers worldwide are interested in texting with their favorite brands.

  8. Over 80% of shoppers are already signed up to receive text messages from at least one brand.

  9. 76% of loyalty program members will opt-in to communicate with their favorite brand through SMS.

  10. More than 57% said they would sign up for SMS messages in addition to emails because they want to know immediately about promotions, offers, and updates.

  11. 53% of consumers said they want the ability to quickly communicate with the brand one-on-one through two-way text conversations

  12. More than 55% said they prefer text messaging because it’s immediate, convenient, and allows them to quickly get updates.

  13. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

  14. The three things that most consumers (54%) want to receive via text are coupons, discounts, and promotional offers.

  15. 46% of customers still prefer to receive messages from a brand via email, and 24% of consumers prefer to receive communications via both SMS and email.

  16. Texting drives 8x higher engagement rates than email.

  17. You can use SMS marketing to enhance your existing loyalty program by rewarding shoppers with points and exclusive perks for signing up, or simply keeping them informed about changes to their loyalty status — including what rewards they’ve unlocked, new tiers they’ve leveled up to, or how many points they’ll earn by completing their next purchase.

  18. SMS has a 12% higher conversion rate than other channels. And the more you can personalize your messaging, the more likely shoppers are to convert.

  19. The more targeted and personalized your SMS communications are, the higher your ROI. For brands that use targeted SMS flows, their ROI is 4x higher.

  20. Consumers expect an omnichannel experience, and adding SMS to your marketing channels gives you the opportunity to send customers the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

  21. Brands can use SMS at major touchpoints along the customer journey to accelerate business growth.

  22. Because SMS has higher engagement and conversion rates than many other channels, it offers brands a unique opportunity to create connections and strengthen customer relationships. These connections translate to a higher lifetime value.

  23. A key benefit of SMS marketing is that it’s highly customizable. Brands can rely on customer data to create more personalized experiences for every shopper, and the more SMS marketing you do, the smarter and more targeted that data will get.

  24. Over 41% of consumers are willing to share information with a brand in order to receive a more personalized SMS experience, and more than half are more likely to make a purchase if the messages they received are personalized.

  25. 98% of shoppers say authentic reviews are the most important factor influencing their purchase decisions, and SMS can help you more easily capture that content.

  26. 75% prefer to receive targeted offers via SMS, including sales and discounts.

  27. To create a true end-to-end conversational commerce experience, you need to integrate your SMS marketing with your onsite experience. For example, an on-site pop-up can greet a customer when they arrive on-site, giving them the opportunity to opt-in to SMS marketing.

  28. Loyalty programs are a great tool for boosting CLTV, and SMS can be an effective tool for keeping loyalty members engaged.

  29. Because SMS is a more immediate marketing channel than email or social media, it’s important to get the timing right when sending messages designed to boost CLTV. This will likely take some trial and error at first, but once you have your timing, segments, and messaging down, you’ll be able to deliver the right messages, to the right consumer, at the right time.

  30. Brands that leverage an SMS opt-in directly at the time of checkout see over 45% higher mobile number capture rates.

  31. Brands that use on-site SMS widgets and elements see, on average, 5% and higher conversion rates.

  32. Engage shoppers already receiving communications from your brand via email, and encourage them to join another channel for special SMS-only discounts.

  33. With targeted experiences through automated SMS flows, brands see 4x higher ROI than any other SMS campaign.

  34. Multi-step messages generate 2x ROI than single messages, so we recommend sending follow-ups when customers don’t engage at first. Include additional incentives tailored to that shoppers’ preferences and habits to drive more engagement.

  35. Choose the timeframe that works best based on your customers’ average repeat purchase rate so you can send messages at the exact right moment a customer needs to be engaged.

  36. It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing, loyal customer, so win-back campaigns are vital to your brand’s SMS strategy.

  37. A cross-sell can maximize lifetime value by maximizing every purchase shoppers make, and encouraging one-time buyers to develop into repeat, higher-value customers.

  38. Your brand can even A/B test your message copy, so you can quickly find the winning content that boosts conversion.

  39. Incentivize with discounts or offers to increase click-through rates!

  40. Over 54% of consumers said they are more likely to make a purchase if the texts they receive from a brand are tailored for them.

  41. For eCommerce brands, using information like shopper behavior, customer attributes, and data from across tech tools and platforms is integral to understanding — and shaping — shopper intent.

  42. It’s essential to leverage analytics dashboards that enable your brand to drill down to every single message you send, so your brand can better understand your growth analytics, revenue drivers, ROI performance, and dynamic cost metrics.

  43. In fact, over 76% of loyalty program members will opt-in to communicate with their favorite brand through SMS, making SMS the ultimate channel of communication with your most loyal customers.

  44. Periodically remind inactive members that they have points, perks, and rewards waiting for them when they come back, and what additional rewards are available to them if they make a purchase. Consider offering a discount code to re-engage them.

  45. Celebrate loyalty milestones: This helps to maintain a level of excitement in the program.

  46. Drive engagement with MMS messages, which increase engagement by 15% over SMS.

  47. Create birthday rewards and send texts wishing loyalty members a happy birthday along with their offer.

  48. Over half (56%) of consumers would be interested in sharing their product feedback with their favorite brands directly through text. Don’t be afraid to provide an incentive for a review, whether it’s in the form of loyalty points or a discount offer.

  49. We found that 24% of consumers prefer to receive communications from a brand via both SMS and email, as opposed to one or the other.

  50. Use SMS to alert subscribers that the latest newsletter is out, or that there’s a special deal waiting in their inbox. Likewise, you can text about sales, but also follow up with a promo code in email.

  51. The majority of customers need more than 3.5 touchpoints to convert, or to even pay attention to a brand.

  52. With all of your data points from across your tech stack, your brand can more accurately personalize every customer engagement, creating the ultimate shopping experience.

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