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AI Marketing Statistics - [Boost Efficiency and ROI]

Updated: Jun 14

AI marketing statistics - [artificial intelligence marketing statistics and facts]
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AI Marketing Statistics:

This blog post is all about AI marketing statistics that have been collectively shared here. It also includes related facts, quotes, and industry experts' opinions that I think are quite important.

In fact, I have personally come across these while reading email newsletters, case studies, market research papers, blogs, industry publications, and reports. When I feel they are relevant, I also utilize them in my blog posts.

AI Marketing Statistics:

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“By 2030, generative AI will account for nearly a third of automated advertising jobs” Forrester Report

“In fact, the global chatbot market is expected to grow annually by 25.7% through 2030. And a recent Salesforce report found 59% of responding consumers said they prefer to interact with self-service tools to solve simple issues” Intellimize Report

“For 20 years, we have been talking about dynamically inserting relevant content into messages to increase engagement. AI could get us there. But it will not work if we marketers don’t actively take part in deciding how to use it for its highest goals in marketing” MarTech

“75.7% of marketers are now using AI tools for work. This shows just how fast AI has been adopted in the industry” AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“However, consumer behavior is slow to change. I see AI taking <5% of the search market share in the next ten years” - Intergrowth

“The use of AI chatbots in customer service is on the rise. By 2027, chatbots are expected to become the primary customer service channel for a quarter of businesses” – HubSpot

“68% of marketers report having a fully-defined AI strategy to maximize their efforts” – Salesforce

“Though data is limited in regards to how often people use ChatGPT in place of search engines, ChatGPT currently receives about 1 billion monthly website visitors and has an estimated 100 million active users” - HubSpot

“70% of SEO experts have positive experience with AI-generated content but are still sure this content isn’t enough to get to the top of the SERP without human touch” Sitechecker

“Social media advertising and campaign reporting are key AI use cases in marketing. Marketers are using AI to optimize social media advertising and make ads more attractive to audiences by analyzing engagement behavior and audience preferences” Sprout Social

“AI is rapidly changing the customer experience landscape, both increasing the speed of innovation and increasing customer expectations. Marketers must become fluent in AI’s strategic potential to deliver the most relevant and competitive messaging and content to their customers” – The 2024 State of Data-Driven Personalization in Marketing by ICUC Social and Convince & Convert

How AI Impacts Marketers?:

“61% of customer service professionals say most reps will use AI/automation in their role by 2024” HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“AI is sure to have fundamental ripple effects in SEO, but I’m predicting that the importance of establishing authority won’t be diminished” Adam Tanguay, Search Engine Land

“Generative AI has been quickly absorbed by the marketing industry. According to a report from Botco.AI, after a short introduction period, 73% of marketers are now using AI tools” - MediaPost

“Marketing is all about the customer experience, and AI can help marketers deliver the best experience for their visitors to convert them into leads. AI can help increase customer retention and loyalty, delight customers with personalized content, and improve assets” – HubSpot

“Chatbots are a compelling AI use case in marketing. And 54% of marketers plan to use them at scale in 2024 for social customer care, along with other resources like FAQs and customer forums, per the 2023 Index” – Sprout Social

“The three most popular use cases for AI/automation when it comes to websites are analyzing blogs to provide actionable insights (37%), automating time-consuming SEO tasks (35%), and leveraging AI to help create an SEO-driven content strategy (34%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“According to one study, nearly 9 out of 10 marketers believe that AI is the key to helping them gain a competitive edge in their industry” – Litmus

“AI-generated content should be seen as a complement to human expertise, not a replacement” MarketMuse

“When it comes to chatbots like ChatGPT, 44% of bloggers predict a positive impact on their SEO strategy. 51% see no impact at all, and just 5% see a negative impact” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“72% of marketers say AI will impact data-driven personalization in the next 5 years” - The 2024 State of Data-Driven Personalization in Marketing by ICUC Social and Convince & Convert

“71% of sales professionals say AI/automation tools have impacted the way they plan to sell in 2023, and 60% say these tools are important to their overall sales strategy” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“With evolving technologies like AI impacting the landscape of customer data collection, marketers must strategize which channels to prioritize data collection from and how to best use data to personalize and improve the customer experience” – The 2024 State of Data-Driven Personalization in Marketing by ICUC Social and Convince & Convert

“The three most popular use cases for AI/automation in sales are automating manual tasks (35%), offering data-driven insights (34%), and helping write sales content or prospect outreach messages (31%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“SEO professionals must adapt, leveraging AI to optimize content and strategies effectively, ensuring they align with search engine algorithms and user intent” Semrush

“86% of sales professionals using generative AI to write messages to prospects say it is effective” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

What do marketers use generative AI for?:

What do marketers use generative AI for
Image Source - HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“The most popular use cases for generative AI among marketers are conducting research (48%), creating content (45%), analyzing and reporting on data (45%), and learning how to do things (32%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“63% of marketers using generative AI to make content say it performs better than content made without generative AI. Meanwhile, 89% say it improves the quality of their content and 83% say it helps them create significantly more content than they could without it” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Writesonic is one among the 10 best AI SEO tools to help marketers and SEO professionals optimize their content” – Semrush

“85% of salespeople using AI say it makes their prospecting efforts more effective, allows them to spend more time selling (79%), and helps build rapport faster (72%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been slow to adopt AI technology. While 74% of SMBs are not using AI, 44% of those hope to start using it within the next year, a survey has found” Search Engine Land

“84% of customer service reps who use AI say it makes it easier for them to respond to tickets, and 64% say generative AI makes their correspondences more personalized” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Over one-third of marketing professionals found artificial intelligence tools helpful for making blog posts” HubSpot

“90% of marketers who use AI say it's effective for content creation” HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“SMBs also expect to save money as a result of using AI for marketing, with 72% saying it will save them up to $5,000 per year” – Search Engine Land

“A whopping 67% of marketers who use AI use it to create content faster — like writing quicker copy, conducting faster research, or generating ideas — and 50% also believe it makes their content better” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“85% of marketing AI users say it boosts content personalization” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“On average, marketers told us they save three hours and 10 minutes when using generative AI to complete a single piece of marketing content” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“(74%) of SMBs are interested in using AI for their business, and 55% reported their interest has grown in the last six months” – Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

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“In the AI Age of search, merely matching your keyword to a search query is no longer enough. Google is now able to understand your site and the content of your pages in deeper ways that allow it to do much more sophisticated matching or content to a user’s intent, search journey, and more” seoClarity

“Doing searches within ChatGPT is a new paradigm that threatens Google’s dominance in traditional search” – MediaPost

generative AI use cases in marketing

“The market for artificial intelligence in marketing is expected to grow to more than $107.5 billion by 2028 — a huge leap from $15.84 billion in 2021” HubSpot

“A whopping 84% of bloggers using AI and/or automation say it's effective at aligning web content with search intent. Additionally, 80% say it can help improve user experience, 74% believe it benefits their SERP ranking, and 80% say it can help boost SEO” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“In fact, 39% of SMBs that have been using AI for less than 6 months have seen immediate results – but, this number jumps to 57% after a year of use. In other words, AI and marketing automation can have both an immediate and a lasting impact on your business” – Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

62% of consumers would prefer to use a customer service bot rather than wait 15 minutes for human agents to speak with them. Using AI to respond to customers instantly will improve your customer's experience and satisfaction while saving time and resources” – HubSpot

“And companies that implement AI in marketing see an average increase in ROI of up to 30%, according to a study by Accenture” – HubSpot

“In 2020, the global market for marketing automation was $4,438.7 million, and it's expected to grow to $14,180.6 million by 2030. Moreover, the top 28% of businesses actively use marketing automation and AI tools in their process” – HubSpot

“91% of SMBs say that using AI has helped make their business more successful” – Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

“AI has been a growing industry and topic of conversation for the better part of a decade. In fact, there was a 27% reported increase in implementing AI or machine learning into companies' marketing toolkits” HubSpot

“Generative AI is here to serve us, not replace us. Millions of people are exploring its potential, but we must remember that human connection can never be replicated or replaced by AI. That is especially true in marketing” MarketingProfs

“Remember: AI should never be alone behind the wheel. You’re in charge. Lean on AI to draft responses, but lean on your editing skills to humanize them” Sprout Social

“AI content quality is already seen as really good. 65.8% of people think AI content is equal to or better than human writing” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Small businesses know that time is money, and that’s why it’s encouraging that 58% of SMBs currently using AI in their marketing expect to save more than $1,000 in the coming year. Another 28% expect to save over $5,000” – Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

Most popular AI use cases in Marketing:

“Admittedly, content creation is a time-consuming piece of the puzzle in the SEO routine. And AI is where the SEO industry is headed. Now, AI content generation tools can be valuable assistants but they hardly substitute human experts” – Sitechecker

“85.1% of marketers are using AI for article writing. This is a very large percentage and shows just how popular AI content creation has become in a short amount of time” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the dynamics of digital marketing, making processes more efficient for social media professionals while providing users with a better overall experience” – Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

“81.6% of marketers think content writers’ jobs are at risk because of AI” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“As AI becomes more popular for content creation, authenticity will only become more critical. So be mindful of how you use AI while keeping your connection with your audience your biggest priority” Planoly

“60% of marketers feel positive about the rise of the AI industry. The sentiment is largely positive as marketers have lots to gain from using this technology” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Generative AI will continue to make headlines in 2024. Social media marketers will get better at leveraging its power. Platforms will refine AI features to focus on utility vs. novelty. We will move from a period of experimentation to integration and adoption” – Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

“Just recently, many marketers were worried about losing search traffic to AI. Now only 30.1% of Marketers think AI will negatively impact search traffic in 5 years” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“49.5% Of Marketers Are Using AI Tools Frequently” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Generative AI is the latest big tech trend, with the latest variations of text and image generators now able to create original content that’s comparable to human outputs, opening up a range of new possibilities” Social Media Today

“69% Of Marketers Are Using ChatGPT, Making It By Far The Most Popular AI Tool” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“The marketing industry has largely embraced AI tools, with 88% of respondents having already adopted or experimented with them, with the remaining 12% planning on experimenting in the near future. 69% of respondents have at least one paid AI service, with 39% having multiple subscriptions” Marketing Tech

Google has changed its stance to declare it doesn’t care if content is AI generated or not, so long as it’s high quality. This has given publishers the green light to embrace AI with open arms” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“AI writing tools can be a powerful asset, but it’s clear they still need the human touch to create a finished product” – Verblio

“98.1% Of Marketers Acknowledge That Some Understanding Of AI Is Important For Their Jobs” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

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“Regardless of the level of adoption, marketing teams see the most significant impact of AI in asset creation and personalisation, with content personalisation (47%) and content production and creation (44%) being the top areas” – Marketing Tech

“Proficiency with AI tools has already become a job requirement — the share of AI jobs has grown by almost 50% since 2018” - 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Brandwatch

“Over Half Of Marketers [50.6%] Have Some Concerns About AI Replacing Them In Their Own Jobs” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Different age groups are forming different relationships with AI-generated content. Knowing exactly who your audience is on social will help you develop an AI strategy that’s in line with their values and preferences” - Social Trends 2024 Report by Hootsuite

“Almost half (49.7%) of marketers believe AI tools will boost content quality. A further 30.4% foresee no impact on content quality. And a mere 19.9% predict a negative outcome” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“70% of marketers said generative AI is important to their content marketing strategy” – HubSpot

“Data and AI work together in a synergistic way. Harnessing the effectiveness of data and combining it with human insight pushes the boundaries of creativity to ultimately create change” MarketingProfs

“Do businesses want their marketers to use AI to draft copy and create visuals? It seems that the answer is yes, more than the other categories. 70% of respondents want their creative agency to get help from AI” – Orbit Media

“30% of business leaders hiring workers with ChatGPT experience say the need is urgent” – ResumeBuilder Survey

“At this point in time, it's becoming quite obvious that generative AI isn't going anywhere. In fact, the market's projected to reach $126.5 billion by 2031, growing by 32% from 2022 to 2023” HubSpot

“85% of CEOs surveyed say generative AI will be interacting directly with customers in the next 2 years” IBM

“As long as you're satisfying E-E-A-T and providing value to your readers, Google is ok with AI content” – Content at Scale

“85.1% Of AI Users Are Using It For Blog Content Creation” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

“Respondents say the CMO capabilities where ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies will likely provide the most value are content creation and management, market research and competitive insights, and digital marketing” MarketingProfs

“45% of marketers use generative AI for content creation” - HubSpot

“AI-powered SEO is, therefore, still dependent on human effort and input, just like traditional SEO: It is not just about bigger budgets. In fact, in SEO creativity and expertise can easily win over huge budgets, and AI is not going to change that” Moz

“66% of business leaders say hiring workers with ChatGPT experience will give the company a competitive edge” – ResumeBuilder Survey

“The golden rule of using AI is: The result is only as good as your prompt. You can get great output if you come up with a great prompt. So don’t stop iterating!” – Moz

“Fortunately the vast majority 88.1% of respondents said they verified the accuracy of AI-generated content” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

"AI technologies use dynamic pricing models to help predict customer behavior, supply, and demand to alert salespeople when to increase or decrease the price of a product or service" HubSpot

“In fact, in Gartner’s Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2023 they shared that, By 2025, organizations that use AI across the marketing function will shift 75% of their operational activities from production to more strategic activities” Convince & Convert

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64% of B2B marketers consider AI to be valuable in their marketing strategy” – Litmus Email

“While GAI [Generative AI] may help draft content, it’s crucial to keep a “human in the loop” — someone with the right know-how should always be there to carefully review and fine-tune generated content. “You still need to keep your hands on the wheel,” Glen says” – LinkedIn

“The AI industry is expected to be valued at $190bn by 2025. Yet we are nowhere close to uncovering the full potential of AI” MARKETING DIVE

“In essence, AI is the architect of a new era in marketing — one where experiences are not just personalized but are alive to the ever-changing contours of consumer desires and expectations” MarTech

“Because of such diverse applications for AI across content creation the sector is quickly gaining traction. AI could hit a market size of $1,582 billion by 2030, according to projections from Valuates Reports” MarketingProfs

“The content generated by AI tools is becoming higher quality, but it can never match the quality of content generated with a “human touch.” Plus, these tools can’t work without you” Travelpayouts

“Nearly half of the brands (46%) with excellent CX are considering using AI to build ad creative in the next two years, compared to just 29% of all others” - 2023 State of B2B Digital Marketing Report by Wpromote

“Everyone is excited about the possibilities of using AI technology to create content. However, despite its potential to help, unless the content you provide for your audience is genuinely unique, helpful, and makes sense, then it won’t help your business achieve its goals” StreetWise Journal

MASTERING AI SKILLS in 2024 in social media marketing
Image Source – Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

“AI isn't about removing humans from Customer Support. It's about offering high-quality interactions, empowering human support agents to do their jobs, and making customer relationships last” – MarketingProfs

“When given access to first-party customer data, such as purchase or website browsing history, generative AI tools can provide support interactions tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer” MarketingProfs

“65.8% Of People Think AI Content Is Equal To Or Better Than Human Writing” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

"There are AI tools available to support you anywhere that you use copy: ads, websites, blogs, slide decks, social media, and even for internal communications. However, human supervision is still essential" - Social Media Examiner

"While the possibilities of AI seem limitless, only those who understand what to do with this power will actually thrive in this possible new era of AI" - Stacked Marketer Newsletter

“Ethical applications of AI are expected to be one of the top agenda items for CMOs in 2023, according to Gartner” – MARKETING DIVE

“Those marketers who embrace AI solutions will have a strategic edge over their competitors, positioning themselves for success in the rapidly-changing world of marketing” - Social Media Marketing Trends 2023 by Social Media Examiner

“GenAI saves 2.5 hours every 8-hour day when used most of the time” - Gen AI Study Report by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Grammarly

“64% of voters use AI tools for generating blog posts and only 20% prefer to use them for generating images” – Sitechecker

“Whether or not they use it, 82% of marketers say generative AI has impacted the way they plan to create content in 2023 and 69% say it is important to their overall content strategy” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Ecommerce businesses that fail to take advantage of emerging AI and AR technology run the risk of falling behind in the competitive ecommerce landscape as consumers demand more responsiveness, convenience, and personalizations from the brands they engage with” State of Ecommerce 2023 Report by Semrush

“Around 80% of PPC specialists and 20% of SEO specialists need upskilling or reskilling due to the impact of generative AI and changing trends in search” – The Traffic Talk Newsletter

“The time and cost savings of using AI tools will be one of the biggest impacts on every marketing organization” MarTech

“It goes without saying, transparency is key. A survey by Dentsu found over 70% of survey respondents want brands to disclose when they use AI across products, services, experiences, and content” Litmus

Statista predicts global AI revenues will skyrocket to 125 billion dollars by 2025” Moosend

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“Close to 70% of respondents said they use gen AI for some or all of their writing. However, 80% of those using gen AI for all of their writing work at companies that haven’t officially implemented it yet” – Grammarly Business

“Generative AI can increase conversion by 10x and make customer service agents 10x more productive” – iAdvize Playbook Report

“20% to 30% of customer service and support agents will be replaced with generative AI by 2026, according to Gartner” MarTech

“AI-powered forecasting in supply chain management can reduce errors by up to 50%, lessening lost sales and product unavailability by up to 65%” Shopify

“The best AI translation tools to expand globally – DeepL, Google Cloud Translation, AWS Amazon Translate, Microsoft Translator for Business, Smartling, Phrase, Weglot, and Lokalise” Search Engine Land

“A combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence helps cover all social media platforms, 24/7, across all time zones. The process uses AI to scan and flag potential risks in content. Then, humans step in to review these risks, giving a more nuanced and accurate understanding” - Crisp and Social Media Today Report

Automation, AI-driven insights, and data analytics are catalysts propelling businesses to new heights” – The DailyZoo Newsletter

“In fact, half of blog writers already use AI, and 74% of web analysts say it makes their content perform better and rank higher on the SERPs” HubSpot

“75% of blog professionals we surveyed believe AI-enabled search engines would have a positive impact on their blog, and 68% predict that their site would get more traffic than before” – HubSpot

“Not only do half of bloggers use AI to make content, but 74% of web analysts whose writers use AI for content creation say it makes their content perform better and 65% say it makes their pages rank higher on SERPs” – HubSpot

“The search and content landscape has significantly changed since the start of 2023. As the usage of generative AI applications soars and search engines integrate AI into the SERP results, a fresh content battleground has emerged” Search Engine Land

“With generative AI hype overinflating expectations, 63% of marketing leaders say they plan to invest in the technology in the next 24 months, according to two reports from Gartner” MarTech

“a survey from The Marketing AI Institute and Drift found 91% of marketers saying AI is either critically important, very important, or somewhat important to their marketing success over the next 12 months” – MarTech

“Predictive AI and machine learning have a significant impact on marketing campaigns and ROI, offering valuable insights and improved decision-making” – The Traffic Talk Newsletter

“Both [Predictive AI and Generative AI] have their place, and both are seeing an increase in usage across various fields, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% projected between 2023 and 2030” – Search Engine Journal

“75% of marketers reported an increase in their spending on artificial intelligence. The average AI spend increase was 28%” MarTech

“78% of B2B marketing managers are integrating AI into their marketing workflows” B2B Reviews

“The top uses for AI were content ideation (42%), data collection (41%), ad optimization (40%), and market research (37%)” – MarTech

"59% of B2B marketing managers said using AI was the most effective tactic for reaching target audiences" – B2B Reviews

“In fact, the market will grow twentyfold to $2 Trillion by 2030, according to Next Move Consulting. The AI revolution screams career opportunity” MarTech

“A full 79% of B2B marketers expect to incorporate more AI into their overall strategy and tech stack in the coming year” - 2023 State of B2B Digital Marketing Report by Wpromote

“70% of SMB marketers willing to pay more for tools with AI or automation” MarTech

“According to McKinsey, sales and marketing personnel lead the way, with 14% using generative AI regularly at work. Not far behind are product and service development teams at 13%” – Foundation Inc

"According to HubSpot’s AI Marketing Report, 35% of marketers are already using AI and automation in their role, up from 17% last year, and this number is definitely growing."HubSpot

“The majority of respondents (67%) are using AI tools for content marketing and/or SEO” Semrush’s 2024 AI Content Report

"The most important takeaway is that AI is quickly becoming the ultimate marketing assistant, with 64% of marketers already using it, and 38% of those who don’t yet planning to start in 2024." HubSpot [2024 Trends]

“Among businesses that claim to be extremely successful in content marketing, 82% are using AI content tools” – Semrush’s 2024 AI Content Report

“According to McKinsey research expectations for “significant” or “very significant” estimated impact from AI use cases in the realm of various aspects of marketing are held by a solid majority of CMOs” MarTech

“83% of respondents believe AI as a whole will have a positive impact on SEO in 2024” The 2024 State of SEO Report by Conductor

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“According to our recent survey data, 68% of leaders in the marketing field predict that their business will experience astounding levels of growth once AI and automation tools are completely integrated into their operations” HubSpot

“Where are companies using AI the most? It’s in customer-facing operations. Up to 47% of organizations are using AI to help them with sales, marketing and customer service, with marketing operations at the top” MarTech

“Marketers using AI only to pump out mediocre content to game algorithms are unlikely to go far. Instead, the marketers who’ll thrive are those who use AI’s powers to build higher-impact content that meets people’s evolving wants and expectations” Moz

“according to a study run by Accenture, companies that adopt AI see a 30% increase in ROI– Creatopy

“24% of marketers feel that AI tools that help customer service teams respond to tickets (chatbots, self-service tools, generative AI emails) would help their business most” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

The influence of AI in marketing is no joke, with market projections soaring to an impressive $107.5 billion by 2028, rocketing up from a baseline of $15.84 billion in 2021” Creatopy

“Generative AI has disrupted the industry, and organizations are rushing to figure out how to use it to increase operational efficiencies, create better brand awareness, and improve sales” Data Axle’s Predicting 2024 Report

“77% of marketers felt that AI helped them craft more personalized content” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

Top AI concerns and their solutions
Image Content Source - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

“Third-party cookies are no longer a viable option. As a result, there has been a shift towards first-party data collection and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized content. This surge in AI adoption is a strategic move by marketers to elevate the quality and efficacy of their content” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

“Marketers using AI and automation tools are 95% more likely to say their marketing strategy was very effective” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

“Studies show AI can improve lead generation by 80%, and by mid 2024, it's expected to be a game-changer, boosting productivity by 40% and sales by 25%” – DailyZoo Newsletter

“Chat GPT has 180 million users. And sellers are intrigued — the majority of sellers (81%) say they believe GAI can help them do their job better, with 84% interested in training on AI tools” – LinkedIn’s B2B Sales Playbook

“85% of marketers say generative AI has changed the way they will create content in 2024 and 62% say it’s important to their marketing strategy. 63% say that in 2024, most content will be created at least in part with the help of generative AI” - Wistia’s 2024 State of Video Report

“Studies show AI can improve lead generation by 80%, and by mid 2024, it's expected to be a game-changer, boosting productivity by 40% and sales by 25%” – DailyZoo Newsletter

“The future of advertising will undoubtedly be intertwined with AI, as it offers unprecedented efficiency and personalization. However, keeping your human touch remains irreplaceable, providing creativity and emotional intelligence that AI can't replicate” Semrush

“Content distribution is another area where AI can significantly make an impact. Content management systems can use AI algorithms to determine the optimal timing and frequency of content distribution based on audience behavior and platform analytics” Search Engine Land

“AI can transform your affiliate marketing game” – DailyZoo Newsletter

“Amid data overload, you can rely on AI and automation to streamline lead generation and boost efficiency. AI simplifies tasks like data analysis, ad copywriting and emailing prospects, simplifying PPC processes” Search Engine Land

“generative AI isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Analysts estimate the Generative AI market will reach $200 billion by 2032MarketingProfs

“Technology like AI and automation can help SMBs speed up the process for determining which tactics, channels, and campaigns deliver the best results. When used effectively, that enables them to make better use of their time by focusing on what is going to work” - The Current State of SMB Marketing Report by Constant Contact

“Don't wait for buyers to struggle their way through your search bar. By implementing AI-powered search functionalities, you can start to understand buyer intent and deliver relevant product suggestions even before they type” MarketingProfs

“AI skills are becoming must have in marketing” LinkedIn’s 2024 Global Marketing Jobs Outlook Report

“Incorporating AI into marketing activities goes beyond choosing the technology; it involves preparing your company’s data infrastructure, grasping the process changes and readying your team for the transition. This approach can revolutionize your MOps with AI, resulting in enhanced ROI and customer interactions” MarTech

“It makes sense that globally, 47% of marketers want to increase their budget to update their SEO strategy to prepare for generative AI in search” HubSpot

“According to the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, both Google Ads and Meta Ads “use AI to sell, target, and place ads micro-second by micro-second.”” – Semrush

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