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Can SEO be Impacted by Broken Links?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Can SEO be impacted by broken links
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán [Pexels]

Can SEO be Impacted by Broken Links?:

Yes, broken links can impact your SEO. Here is what they can do:

  1. Decrease your website’s link authority.

  2. Lead to a decrease in site-wide link juice.

  3. Lead to a decrease in your site’s crawl ability and indexability.

  4. Make sites appear less trustworthy because they indicate the site is not well maintained.

Links are one of the most important or vital ranking factors for SEO, so it’s important to keep your links crawlable and monitor them at least on a monthly or quarterly basis.

SEO experts suggest that you repair and replace these broken links with updated ones. Doing so will improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO KPIs To Track:

SEO KPIs To Track

Pro-Tip: The best way to avoid this issue is to avoid using automated link-building campaigns. Instead, focus on creating unique and quality content that your audience will want to share.

Overall, broken links have a serious effect on SEO, and fixing such issues timely helps your business be at the top of the SERPs for increased visibility.

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