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Digital Marketing Statistics [2024 Updated and Exhaustive]

Updated: Jun 1

digital marketing stats - [digital marketing facts and figures] - [b2b SEO statistics]
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio [Pexels]

Digital Marketing Statistics 2024 [Updated]

In today's digital age, understanding the latest digital marketing statistics and trends is crucial for staying ahead of the game when there is already a huge amount of noise around!

In this blog post, I will be sharing some fascinating digital marketing facts, stats, and expert quotes that will provide you with a deeper understanding of the current and emerging digital marketing landscape.

So, get ready to explore the world of digital marketing statistics and gain insights that will help you make informed decisions for your business. You may also seek specific niche professional help to gain massive benefits.

"Legend copywriter John Caples said, The most difficult things to discover in the study of advertising, are facts" - Conversion Alchemy Journal

[Digital Marketing Statistics, Facts, and Figures]

“Did you know 60% of sales decision-making happens before

a person hits the “Buy” button?”

Adobe Marketing Email

“Statista forecasts social commerce to keep growing 30% year-over-year. They even estimate sales via social channels to reach US$2.9 trillion by 2026”

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience”

- Adobe Accelerator eBook Series

“80% of your posts should be as fun as a Netflix binge; the other 20% can be your sales pitch. Keep 'em entertained, and they'll keep coming back for more”

“People are now migrating from PCs to smartphones and more than 50% of search queries come from mobile devices”

- Adobe Accelerator eBook Series

“The marketing industry has largely embraced AI tools, with 88% of respondents having already adopted or experimented with them, with the remaining 12% planning on experimenting in the near future. 69% of respondents have at least one paid AI service, with 39% having multiple subscriptions”

“More than nine out of 10 respondents (95%) reported that they compared prices among competitors for the same items when shopping online; 38% said they did so very often”

“Although the ideal inboxing rate is 100%, strong deliverability (depending on industry) is considered anywhere from 85-95%”

“ROI isn’t just counting the bucks. It’s about knowing the weight of each dollar. For every dollar poured into marketing automation, the average ROI is $5.44. That’s not just profit — it’s smart spending”

“New websites can take at least three to six months to rank on Google. Even then, 95% of pages don’t enter the top 10 positions within a year,

per an Ahrefs study

“As Statista projects global e-commerce sales to reach $6.38 trillion, savvy marketers will tap into these opportunities for better audience targeting and improved conversion rates”

“Whatever version, short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media strategy, favoured by 59% of marketers”

Retail Dive and afluencer Report [HubSpot]

“Influencer ROI is also 11 times greater than other digital marketing tactics, generating $5.20 for every dollar spent”

- Retail Dive and afluencer

8 in 10 consumers have purchased, researched, or considered a product or service they saw on social media”

Social Media Today Newsletter

77% of brand marketers report the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns exceeds that of other marketing tactics”

afluencer Influencer Marketing 101

“While LinkedIn Ads' CPCs can be expensive (as high as $11.03, per a 2021 Metadata study), they carry substantial value. The cost per opportunity and pipeline tends to be lower than any other advertising channel”

63% of content marketers use their content strategy to build loyalty

with their existing clients”

- Content Marketing Institute

[Interesting Digital Marketing Stats and Facts]

“Though the demand for personalization is high, 63% of digital marketers

are still struggling to personalize”

Litmus’s Personalization Lessons Report

“UGC + Content Quality + AI = Successful Content Creator”

“A new study from Adobe shows that 10% of Gen Z chooses TikTok over Google as their go-to search engine. Meanwhile, 49% of millennials, 29% of Gen X, and 14% of Baby boomers also say they’ve used TikTok as a search engine”

“Outbound marketing has its place, no doubt, but inbound marketing is the name of the game for conversions. According to ZipDo, inbound converts 12.9% more than outbound. That’s quite a difference!”


“In fact, Harvard Business Review reported that 73% of customers use multiple channels on their journey to make a purchase”

- Litmus’s personalization lessons report

“Small businesses know that time is money, and that’s why it’s encouraging that 58% of SMBs currently using AI in their marketing expect to save more than $1,000 in the coming year. Another 28% expect to save over $5,000”

Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

According to PwC, artificial intelligence could grow the global economy by $15.7 trillion and provide a 26% boost in GDP for local economies by 2030. It turns out smaller business owners—and not just the ones running tech startups out of Silicon Valley—are hungry for a piece of that pie

- unbounce

“Omnichannel personalization is known to show an 89% higher customer retention rate than single channels”

- Litmus’s Personalization Lessons Report

“In fact, 80% of marketers who are extremely successful in content marketing have a documented strategy”


“SMBs also expect to save money as a result of using AI for marketing, with 72% saying it will save them up to $5,000 per year”

More than 58% of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices. What’s more, a staggering 98.5% of Facebook users use the social platform on mobile phones, and only a little over 16% use it on both phones and computers”

“Small- and medium-sized businesses should budget between $700 and $2500 for SEO services. More aggressive budgets will generally lead to faster results”

“While 80% of your videos may not get people to download your freebie or buy your product, they prove to YouTube that your content can keep people on the platform. This mitigates the impact of the 20% of videos where you ask viewers for something”

“LinkedIn remains at the top of most B2B marketers’ social media lists. The same CMI research found that 84% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn delivers the best value compared with other social platforms”


“78% of data strategy leaders say that location data is critical to understanding how customers engage with the brand”

- Infillion Research Report [Location Data]

“At least 90% of writers, or at least writing, will be replaceable by technology in the next decade. Maybe in the next few years”

“75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results”

– JV ZOO Newsletter [Global Affiliate Network Platform]

“98% of consumers want brands to do more to guarantee the privacy of their data, as well as be more transparent about how their data is used”

“On average, it takes anywhere from three to 12 months from when you build links to when you see major changes in SERPs”


“Over 4.3 billion people use Google. But only the top few Google results get all of the attention. More specifically, the top five results on a Google search engine results page (SERP) have a collective organic

click-through rate (CTR) of almost 70%”

“92% of consumers believe what they read about you online”

- JV ZOO Newsletter [Global Affiliate Network Platform]

“A few links from a site with a domain authority of 70 or greater carry more weight than hundreds of links from sites with DAs of 20 or less” 

“According to internal analysis, we estimate that an effective link-building campaign can represent up to 40% of the positive result of an SEO cycle”


[Internet Marketing Stats and Facts]

“The influencer marketing industry has continued to increase its market size and revenue. According to Oberlo, the whole industry

is worth a whopping 16.4 billion dollars”

“91% of Google feed users surveyed took some kind of

shopping or product-related action immediately after

discovering new products, services, or brands on their feeds”

– Google Ads Email

“SGE content on Google's SERPs features a mix of links, with an average of 10 links per SGE instance, coming from around 4 different websites”

“82% of consumers purchased a product because somebody

on social media recommended it”

– impact via Social Media Today Newsletter.

“Research for “The B2B Effectiveness Code” from the B2B Institute, WARC, and Lions found that while powerful creative can generate 10-20x more sales, an astounding 75% of B2B creative is deemed ineffective”

– LinkedIn Marketing Solutions eBook on Key Best Practices.

“48% of B2B purchase decision makers find B2B advertising boring”

– LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

“Google estimates that for every $1 an advertiser spends on Google Ads, they get $8 in profit through both search and ads” 

“While INP might not be a direct ranking factor, INP is still a useful metric for creating the fastest page experience because site speed is known to improve sales, clicks and ad views and it aligns with signals that Google uses for ranking”

“Posts that fuelled an emotional response had a 44% higher average click-through rate compared to those that didn’t”

- LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

“Companies that use sales enablement processes have better results than those that don't, such as a 60% higher customer retention rate, according to Oracle”

“On LinkedIn - Content with larger, high-res visuals can

drive up to 38% higher CTR”

– LinkedIn Data-Driven Best Practices [content strategy].

“88% of multi-location marketers are already using generative AI

within their organizations”

“The AI-generated answers in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) do not match any links from the top 10 Google organic search results 93.8% of the time”

“Video Ads earn 30% more comments per impression

than static images in the LinkedIn newsfeed”

- LinkedIn Data-Driven Best Practices [content strategy].

“The global corporate e-learning market is projected to reach $550 billion by 2030 for an estimated CAGR of 21.6% from 2022 to 2030”

Semrush’s Digital Trends 2024 Report

“97% of the people who visit your website don’t fill out your forms”

“The marketing team at Greenhouse reduced the number of form fields from nine to three, increasing their demo conversion rates by 20%”

– Clearbit Email

“86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool”

– VidStudioAI Email

“the journalist outreach competition has become tighter than ever. Journalists receive two to three hundred responses for each query; only 7% of these pitches get mentioned in published articles”

Jolly SEO [from HARO perspective]

“96% of People Turn to Videos to Learn More About a Product or Service”

– VidStudioAI Email

“The 3 categories with the largest declines were writing, translation and customer service jobs. The # of writing jobs declined 33%, translation jobs declined 19%, and customer service jobs declined 16%”

“Long-tail queries account for almost 35% of traffic and almost 50% of conversions, according to Ahrefs

“70% of consumers say they are using mobile apps more frequently for shopping than even a year ago”

“The current $492 billion global social commerce industry is expected to grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025”

- Accenture via Channable

“Growth is predicted to be driven primarily by Gen Z and Millennial social media users, accounting for 62% of global social commerce spend by 2025”

- Accenture via Channable

“Journalist content is 2.76x more engaging. It lands 315 engagements on average, while non-journalist content only attains 114”

Jolly SEO

“Networking + Relationships [Influencers] + Collaboration

= Mentions + Links + Authority = Ranking potential”

“The average editor get’s pitched an average of 10x per day

Nearly 92% of total web searches are performed on Google”

Did you know that 75% of customers believe quick responses are a must when providing good customer service.

According to a study recently carried out by Emplif (a Customer Experience platform), the discovery and purchase of products through social media channels are expected to grow by 31.4% annually, between 2020 and 2027.

“The sweet spot of a welcome email series should be 5-7 emails long

- Make Money With Email Newsletter

“92% of consumers read online reviews to learn about a business”

– Local Centric Email via

“42% are likely to notice influencer-promoted phone ads”

- YouGov Email

“LinkedIn found that 54% of sales and marketing professionals agree alignment boosts financial performance while 58% agree

it delivers improved customer retention”

“22% of global consumers use social media for flirting and dating”

YouGov Email

“42% of Americans are prioritizing price when making purchasing decisions42% of Americans are prioritizing price when making purchasing decisions”

- Resonate Email

It takes an average of 3.1 months to see the impact of a link on search ranking, with very few saying it takes longer than 6 months or less than 1 month”

“The B2B eCommerce market is predicted to create revenue of $18 trillion by the end of 2026, with a CAGR of 19% between 2021 and 2026”

– Retail Dive and TreviPay

“The global programmatic adtech firm runs an AI-powered DSP that predicts the audiences that are most likely to buy, found that cookieless inventory rose from being 14x less expensive a year ago to 2.4x cheaper at the present time”

“In the UK, affiliate marketing boasts an impressive ROI ratio of 1:16 and in the US, affiliate marketing stands shoulder to shoulder with email in driving e-commerce orders, as per Business Insider” 

DailyZoo Newsletter

“68% of marketers report having a fully-defined

AI strategy to maximize their efforts”

“65% of our respondents cite “not enough budget” as having a medium or large effect on their paid ad strategy”

The 2023 CMO State of the Union Report by Wunderkind

“With generative AI hype overinflating expectations, 63% of marketing leaders say they plan to invest in the technology in the next 24 months, according to two reports from Gartner”

“B2B buyers often spend most of the buyer’s journey independently, with most reporting they are 57%-70% through the research process before they contact a sales representative for more specific information. (WB Research)”

– Siege Media

“An update typically requires the least amount of time investment. At most, about 20-25% of the content needs to be changed”

“According to Semrush's State of Search 2023 report: Average CTR for paid results = 1.8% on desktop, 0.02% on mobile. Average CTR for organic results = 45.1% on desktop, 43.1% on mobile”

“According to Forrester, 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve their support issues over picking up the phone or sending an email to customer service agents”

– Executive Guide to Customer Engagement [Salesforce]

“Most websites that are employing the inbound methodology convert 1-2.5 percent overall”

– SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

“According to Google, a 3.8-second website speed improvement can increase conversion rates by up to 2 times. This finding further solidifies the role of website speed in conversions generation”


“According to HubSpot, roughly 70-90 percent of people who click into a landing page bounce before submitting the form”

– SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

"47% of marketing professionals said in-person event marketing gives the highest return on investment (ROI)"

"A demo or consultation request is often in the 5-15 percent

range [landing page conversion]”

– SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

Pew Research reports that 95% of teens ages 13 to 17 use YouTube – that’s more than any other social media platform. For comparison, 66% use TikTok and 62% use Instagram”


“If you are driving both paid and organic channels to a landing page, you will end up in the average range of 10-12 percent”

– SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

“56% saying they don't care if they're talking to a bot or a human,

as long as they get the help they need

“In general, 1-2 percent [click rate] is what you can expect to see from

bottom of-the-blog CTAs”

– SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

“52% of respondents say their negative reviews stem from false or incorrect online information on assets like local business listings”

“In 2024, the most successful brands will redefine “authenticity.” It’s not about who (or what) creates your content anymore; it’s about the brand experience your content creates for the customer”

- Social Trends 2024 Report by Hootsuite

“Social performance analytics have become a critical part of a brand’s overall strategy. A whopping 60% of marketers plan to measure and quantify the value of social engagements in terms of revenue impact

to meet their 2024 business goals”

“After reading reviews, 91% of consumers’ next steps occur in areas completely controlled by the business, such as the company’s website, premises and direct contact options”

- Moz’s Local Business Reviews Impact Report

“65% of respondents write negative reviews because of rude or poor customer service”

- Moz’s Local Business Reviews Impact Report

“63% of consumers will update their negative review or low-star rating once an owner response resolves their complaint”

- Moz’s Local Business Reviews Impact Report

“With 40% of consumers preferring personalized video content, it’s safe to say the desire for personalized shopping experiences is here to stay”

“70% of brands find it’s cheaper to retain customers

than to acquire new ones”

– CM Group

“42% of small businesses fail because there’s no market need for their services or products”

– CB Insights [Poll Analysis of Reasons for Start-ups Failure]

“29% failed because they ran out of cash”

– CB Insights [Poll Analysis of Reasons for Start-ups Failure]

“targeting trending or zero-volume keywords will be critical. The SERPs for evergreen content are highly competitive, making niche questions from sources like People Also Ask, Reddit, and TikTok particularly valuable”


“Unsurprisingly, image-centric content still accounts for a 65% share of posts on Instagram – and nearly 75% of posts on Facebook” 

“14% failed because they ignored their customers”

– CB Insights [Poll Analysis of Reasons for Start-ups Failure]

“The most commonly replaced martech tools are marketing automation platforms (24% of respondents say they have changed in 2023), SEO software (22%), and work/product management solutions (18%)”

“Eighty-three percent have used AI text generators to create written content, such as marketing copy, with 82% having used AI tools to generate unique images and edit them”


“There is no rule of thumb regarding the number of monthly backlinks.

Still, most pages with high rankings get +5%-14.5% dofollow backlinks from new websites”

“Performance marketing claims 45.7% of the mobile ads budget, exceeding brand marketing at 41.4%”

“In fact, 90% of the world’s data was created in just the last two years”

The majority of bloggers use 1-3 visuals. But a tiny percentage of us add a lot of images. 2% of bloggers add 10+ images to a typical blog post”

Orbit Media Studios [Bloggers Survey 2023]

“Studies have shown that the average viewer retains 95% of a message when they watch it, as opposed to a mere 10% retention rate when reading it”

– Ross Simmonds Newsletter

“People want quick answers, so infographics are a creative and appealing way to get straight to the point. The fact that 65% of people are visual learners may explain why infographics work so well”

– Ross Simmonds Newsletter

"Google dominates the search engine market by far, with 86.2% compared to Bing at 7.2% and Yahoo at 2.3%"


“Video advertising saw 10.6% YoY growth in 2023 as revenue rose to $52.1 billion”


“63% of consumers say companies need to do a better job of

listening to feedback”

– Qualtrics [Global Consumer Trends 2023, US]

“Sixty-two percent of marketers say they’ve invested in the power of AI”

“38.9% say small businesses offer better overall customer experiences”

An Ahrefs study showed that results ranking in the first position had a 30.9% chance of receiving a featured snippet. Positions 2 and 3 had a

23.5% and 15.9% chance, respectively”

“The majority of bloggers use 1-3 visuals. But a tiny percentage of us add a lot of images. 2% of bloggers add 10+ images to a typical blog post”

“65% of companies increased their mobile ad budgets”

“Position your product next to an image of the problem it solves.

People were up to 26% more likely to choose it”

“B2B companies that transformed their customer experience strategies not only increased their client satisfaction scores but also experienced revenue growth of 10-15%, according to McKinsey

“The most common monthly retainer range for SEO agencies is $500–$1,000/month. For consultants, it’s $2,501–$5,000”


“70% of small business owners are repurposing their content”

Adobe Express [Adobe’s 2024 Study]

“Micro-influencer fees can range from $100 to $1,000 per post. Macro-influencers may charge anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 per post; some charge upwards of six or seven figures” 

“Research shows video gets 5x more engagement on LinkedIn, live video gets 24x more members, and members are 20x more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other post type”

“Blog posts live on a website and should be published regularly to attract new visitors. In fact, 16% of marketers say that their blog posts generated the biggest ROI for their businesses this year”

“More than 80% of consumers would prefer to shop locally–and nearly 60% would even pay more to support a local business!”

“Two of the top ways B2B marketers say they plan to use generative AI this year include increasing efficiency to focus on higher value work (55%) and creating optimized and engaging content that resonates with target audiences (51%)”

“you should be sharing more posts than you create. A good ratio to aim for is 40% original and 60% curated content

“In 2023, YouTube’s global advertising revenues rose to $31.51 billion, up by almost 8% from the previous fiscal period – an indicator that more and more advertisers are adding YouTube ads to their marketing mix”

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