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Do You Know: Your Writing Is One Of The Ways To Serve People?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Do You Know: Your Writing Is One Of The Ways To Serve People?

Do You Know: Your Writing Is One Of The Ways To Serve People?:

Margaret Mead was an anthropologist (the study of humans, human behavior, and cultures in the past and present) most recognized for her revolutionary scientific work as well as her outspokenness and charisma.

A student asked her at one of her talks what she thought was the first sign of civilization in a culture?

As the first sign of civilization, the student expected Mead to mention clay pots, grinding stones, or weapons.

But, everyone was astonished by Mead's response!

According to her, the first evidence of civilization in each ancient culture was fractured and then healed bone in the leg!!.

Margaret Mead went on to say that in the animal kingdom/dynasty, breaking your leg means death. You can't run away from danger, walk to the river for a drink, or hunt for food if your leg is broken.

It means, for prowling creatures, you're meat.

A broken leg is fatal to any animal that survives long enough for the bone to heal.

A healed broken bone shows that someone spent time with the person who fell, bandaged the wound, brought them to safety, and cared for them during their recuperation.

According to Mead, civilization begins when someone helps someone else through a difficult situation.

Isn't it true that the more you think about anything, the deeper it becomes?

We as humans have been able to create great civilizations because we care about each other and help each other solve issues while working toward a shared or a common goal.

When you help others without expecting anything in return, you develop a strong sense of reciprocation, which is perhaps one of the most powerful social norms we have.

In other words, Quid pro quo - You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Of course, I'm not asking you to heal legs in order to serve and assist others.

There are numerous different ways through which you can serve people.

I'd like to believe that one of them is writing!.

You may not realize it, but a simple, well-articulated answer to your audience's problem in the form of content has the power to transform their or someone's lives.

It may sound like overkill but think about it.

You may entertain, educate, inspire, encourage, and persuade people to pursue the correct route with your content/writing.

Your content has the ability to entertain them and also to make them forget about their problems/sorrows.

Your content has the potential to educate and inform readers about facts.

Your content can inspire them and help them overcome procrastination.

Your content/writing/article has the potential to persuade them to assist others.

If you choose to, your content can contribute to the advancement of civilization.

And that's why you should write.

And it's much more so since it's never been easier to create, publish, and distribute content in the history of human civilization.

All the best....

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