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E-Mail Marketing Worldwide – Latest 19 Key Stats and Facts!

E-Mail Marketing Worldwide – Latest 19 Key Stats and Facts!

1. Number of e-mail users: 4.14bn

2. Number of sent and received e-mails per day: 319.6bn

3. E-mail marketing revenue: 8.49bn USD

4. Share of marketers using e-mail marketing: 82%

5. Share of marketers using automated e-mail marketing: 65%

6. Share of businesses using video in their email marketing campaigns: 47%

7. Marketing e-mail open rate: 18%

8. Marketing e-mail click-through-rate (CTR): 2.6%

9. Marketing e-mail click to open rate (CTOR): 14.1%

10. Unsubscribe rate of marketing e-mails: 0.1%

11. E-Mail marketing return on investment (ROI): 36 USD

12. E-Mail marketing software market size: 1.25bn USD

13. Top B2B e-mail marketing software as a service (SaaS) company: Mailchimp.

14. Top e-mail service provider (ESP) used for marketing: Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

15. Share of online users comfortable with accessing their emails: 73%

16. Average time consumers spend reading brand e-mails: 10 seconds

17. Mobile share of e-mail opens: 36.6%

18. Annual usage growth of e-mail as a messaging channel for contacting businesses: 12%

19. Share of consumers who prefer to be contacted by businesses via e-mail: 46%

Source: Statista

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