Five Big Mistakes That Bloggers Do

Updated: May 23

Five Big Mistakes That Bloggers Do

Five Big Mistakes That Bloggers Do:

If you're new to blogging or have only been blogging for a short time and are finding that things aren't going as planned, it'll be worth your time to learn about the common mistakes that bloggers make, mistakes that make it difficult to enjoy what should be a fun and satisfying experience: blogging

The following are the top five new blogger blunders:

  1. Getting down to business

  2. Expectations that are unreasonable

  3. Losing concentration

  4. Plagiarism

  5. Ignoring the audience/readers.

Let's get started! Many bloggers are so eager to get started that they dive right in instead of taking it gradually. This is a bad idea in an unknown swimming pool/pond, and it's also a bad idea when entering a new arena/domain.

Before you start your blog, think about the following:

1. Choose a blog topic or niche that reflects what you know, what interests you, and what you enjoy talking about and writing about. Business, Weight Loss, Politics, Science, Relationships, Comedy, Fitness, Food, Online Business, Entrepreneurship, Softwares, Reviews and Comparisons, and alike.

Take the time to read a variety of blogs and take notice of the colors, images, and layouts to get a sense of what you like. Also, keep in mind that some blogs are long-winded, while others are short and to-the-point... while some are just chatty and entertaining with no particular purpose to make... and this is all about a personal preference.

You'll need a blog host; some are free, while others charge a small monthly fee, some are simple to use while others require more technical knowledge, and some have more features than others; choose wisely; once you've established your blog and have a few regular readers, you may not want to change your address (your URL).

You may or may not want to use your real name on your blog, depending on a variety of circumstances, including your position on important issues and how publicly you want to be identified with your views.

2. Expectations that are unrealistic! You may be disappointed if you expect immediate benefits from blogging, such as a large readership and numerous appreciative comments. Thousands of blogs compete for the same audience on the internet. Patience and tenacity are required of you. Readership and comments (some of which will be complimentary) will come if you write effectively, discover a distinct niche to fill, have engaging titles for your entries, and constantly market your blog.

3. Losing concentration! You probably started your blog for a specific reason; it may have been to voice your opinions on a topic or simply to keep in touch with a small group of pals about your daily activities. Readers will visit your site for the first time and will either be interested in your subject matter or not, will like or dislike your style, and if they like your subject and style, they will leave a remark and return later. You're allowed to change your blog's topic and tone once you've established it, but you'll be starting from scratch.

Be aware that you can have multiple blogs, each dedicated to a different topic and, if desired, each with a different identity.

4. Plagiarism! There are some fantastic bloggers out there, and as you browse blogs, you might come across one who said something particularly well, something that struck a chord with you, and which you want to incorporate into your own. DO NOT simply copy and paste someone else's thoughts into your blog without giving them credit, giving the impression that the contents are your own. If you write it, do so in your own words and to a higher standard, including your own ideas and feelings, and then be courteous and mention where you got the idea and include a link.

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5. Ignoring the audience! Some visitors to your blog will post comments; some will agree with you, and some will even praise your insights, but the majority will select a point you've made and attack it. People make comments on other people's blogs for the same reason they write their own: to exchange ideas and express their opinions.

Always answer your readers' comments; thank them for reading and taking the time to comment (even if they're harsh), and then respond to their comments as appropriate. If you don't respond to your comments, your readers may stop reading your blog.

I hope that by learning from these, you will be able to make blogging into a viable business in the future.

All the best...

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