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How much can a [Bad Review Hurt] your Business?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

How much can a bad review hurt your business - [do bad reviews matter]
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How much can a Bad Review Hurt your Business?:

Bad reviews can have a huge impact on your business, regardless of the size.

No matter how great your product or service is, bad reviews can damage your reputation and discourage potential customers from engaging with you, but just how much they can hurt depends on a few factors.

Do you know? - “92% of consumers read online reviews to learn about a business” – Local Centric Email via

Do Bad Reviews Matter?:

Yes, bad reviews matter a lot, and this is how it has a real impact on your business in terms of reputation and revenue.

First, it depends on the type of business you have. For example, if you have a restaurant, one bad review might not be a big deal because customers may not take it too seriously.

But if you're selling a product or service, bad reviews can be more damaging because potential customers may be more careful about trusting you.

Second, it depends on how many bad reviews you get. Even one bad review can damage your reputation if it's severe enough, but if you receive multiple bad reviews, the impact will be even greater.

Third, people tend to believe that there's some truth to what others are saying about your business, so if there are multiple negative comments, it could lead potential customers to think twice about working with you.

Fourth, a bad review can lower your star rating, which is often the first thing customers look for when considering different businesses.

Low ratings make you look unprofessional and can deter people from even giving you a chance.

Are you aware? - “6 in 10 consumers require 4+ stars to consider doing business” - Moz’s Local Business Reviews Impact Report

Fifth, they can also spread quickly, especially if they are posted on social media. People tend to be more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones, so the impact of a bad review can be far-reaching.

"This can lead to a decrease in sales, as well as a decrease in customer loyalty"

Sixth, in addition to the above, bad reviews can also hurt your SEO rankings.

Search engines tend to prioritize businesses with higher ratings and more positive reviews, so having a low star rating can make it difficult for people to find you when searching for related products or services.

“Reviews are the number one [#1] factor in consumer purchase decisions, so it’s important to prioritize review management for optimal customer care and conversion” – SOCi Email

It also depends on how you respond to the bad reviews. If you take the time to address the customer's concerns and show that you take feedback seriously, it can help mitigate the damage.

On the other hand, if you ignore the review or respond in an unprofessional manner, this can further damage your reputation and put customers off.

“62% of negative reviewers would give a local brand a second chance after an owner response solves their problem” - Moz’s Local Business Reviews Impact Report

How Many Bad Reviews Affect Your Business?

No specific number or percentage may be given, however, if there are enough reviews [both good and bad ones], the general guideline is that there shouldn't be more than 25% bad reviews.

But, here are a few interesting stats that might help [as per Moz's study and research]:

  • “70% of customers read 5-20 positive reviews before deciding a business is worth a try”.

  • “Even a hint of review spam kills trust for most customers”.

  • “Star ratings are the key differentiator amongst local competitors”.

In short, bad reviews can hurt your business significantly, but the extent of the damage largely depends on the type of business you have, how many bad reviews you receive, and how you respond to them.

Responding promptly and professionally to negative reviews can help you show potential customers that you are serious about providing quality service.

Furthermore, encouraging customers to leave positive reviews is key to maintaining a good reputation and keeping your business afloat at all times.

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