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How To Re-Engage The Least Engaged Customers In Your Business In 12 Ways?

Updated: May 27, 2022

How To Re-Engage The Least Engaged Customers In Your Business In 12 Ways?

How To Re-Engage The Least Engaged Customers In Your Business In 12 Ways?:

A business is only as good as its customer base, and when you understand how to re-engage the least engaged customers in your business, you can make your business or company more successful.

You want to ensure that these customers are re-engaged and are satisfied with your products and services, and they want to continue coming back to your business or company.

Whether your business is in service or e-commerce or retail or hospitality or maybe in any business, there are ways to keep these customers coming back to your business.

Re-engaging with the least engaged customers is an important part of any successful business strategy. These are the people who may not respond well, don’t interact with your social media channels, may not even be aware of your brand or services or new products, or for any other reasons are not active in your business.

So, when it comes to this group of customers, it's important that they know about your business or service or products while also helping them find what they need from your business in the re-engaging journey.

So, here are the 12 effective ways to re-engage the least engaged customers that would help your business generate more leads and sales and make them come back for more:

  1. Inviting your customers to a free event, whether in person or online, is a great way to start. Schedule free events occasionally to boost engagement.

  2. On newly launched products and services, provide special deals or discounts. If at all possible, consider tailoring deals based on plans.

  3. For a limited period, organize some contests or cashback rewards programs.

  4. With an email marketing strategy, you can build, nurture, and grow a relationship. The most critical part of customer or client engagement is this.

  5. Sending out online surveys and asking for comments is an excellent approach to obtain feedback.

  6. Sending low-cost free gifts to reconnect and make them to remember (physical things are preferable in these cases). Calendars, diaries, greeting message letters, planners, and other similar products are just a few examples of goodies. To reconnect with them, work on your creativity as per your business niche.

  7. On a regular basis, share key free resources with customers, such as e-books, webinar recordings, or any other valuable knowledge content that will help them succeed in their business or in their lives upon consuming it.

  8. Offer customers a free trial on your new products. Wherever feasible, make sure to incentivize them to value their efforts.

  9. Free samples of your new business products or a free one-on-one consultation for new services may be explored.

  10. Adopt a customer referral program that offers benefits and discounts who might recommend or bring in new clients or customers. For all parties involved, this is a win-win situation (like Affiliate Program Model).

  11. If your business and the least engaged customers are located in the same city, town, or neighborhood, a physical meet-up to re-engage is also a preferable option or an alternative.

  12. Content marketing is another effective method of reaching out. Rather than focusing just on social media platforms, your business should also focus on creating relevant content that will assist your clients in finding what they need from your company, brand, or service. Infographics, templates, guidelines, flyers, checklists, tutorials, factsheets, or e-books are examples of content that may be shared instantaneously and likely consumed by them.

Pro-Tip: Educating your least engaged customers consistently, likely brings in positive transformation and improves your resonation.


So what should you do to engage with such customers? Knowing who they are and what inspires them is the first step. Once you've figured it out, you'll be able to communicate with them in the most effective way to drive the results.

Of course, your business can try a variety of unique techniques from the list above based on your business niche, but the goal is to re-engage with your least engaged customers or clients so that they can become future leads, drive sales, and even become loyal customers, means they keep coming back!

All the best...

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