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Marketing Automation Statistics and Facts - [Game Changer]

Updated: 5 days ago

marketing automation statistics - [marketing automation facts]
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Marketing Automation Statistics and Facts:

This blog post is all about marketing automation statistics that have been collectively shared here. It also includes related facts, quotes, and expert opinions that I think are quite important.

In fact, I have personally come across these while reading email newsletters, case studies, market research papers, blogs, industry publications, and reports. When I feel they are relevant, I also utilize them in my blog posts.

Do you know? - “We’re going to move into a territory where automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will prevail over the rest, seeking maximum personalization in ads” - Elena Ferreras, Wink [Channable Email]

Marketing Automation Statistics and Facts:

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“In 2020, the global market for marketing automation was $4,438.7 million, and it's expected to grow to $14,180.6 million by 2030. Moreover, the top 28% of businesses actively use marketing automation and AI tools in their process” HubSpot

“Advertising agencies will replace 7.5% of jobs with automation by 2030 amid the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new Forrester Research forecastMARKETING DIVE

68% of B2B marketers implement automation in their marketing strategy” Search Engine Journal

“Across all industries, our latest data indicates an average conversion rate of 0.1% for email campaigns and 1.82% for automations” Klaviyo

“61% of customer service professionals say most reps will use AI/automation in their role by 2024” HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“The biggest benefits of using AI/automation tools for customer service are that they make customer service available 24/7, automate manual tasks, and help respond to customer service requests faster, allowing reps to spend time solving more complex tasks” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Email marketers need to become even more responsive to business needs than usual. Brands that fail to take advantage of automation are likely to suffer, says Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx” - Email Trend Report 2023 by Halon

“The three most popular use cases for AI/automation in sales are automating manual tasks (35%), offering data-driven insights (34%), and helping write sales content or prospect outreach messages (31%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“3 small business marketing trends to create lasting impact next year [2023] – Automation and Outsourcing, Tighter Scrutiny on Marketing Budgets, and The Rise of Cookie-less Measurement” - Meta via Marketing Dive Newsletter

“71% of sales professionals say AI/automation tools have impacted the way they plan to sell in 2023, and 60% say these tools are important to their overall sales strategy” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“With a birthday automation, you can celebrate along with your customers on their special day by offering a discount, free shipping, a free birthday gift, or simply just acknowledging the day” Klaviyo

“The three most popular use cases for AI/automation when it comes to websites are analyzing blogs to provide actionable insights (37%), automating time-consuming SEO tasks (35%), and leveraging AI to help create an SEO-driven content strategy (34%)” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Marketing automation isn't just about marketing, despite the name. It's there to support the revenue-driving activities in a business, including sales” MarketingProfs

“To strike the perfect balance between a humanized experience and the convenience and efficiency provided by automation and technology, layer the digital service experience with agent-assisted service in a way that is seamless to the customer” - Oracle and Ascend2 Survey Report

“A whopping 84% of bloggers using AI and/or automation say it's effective at aligning web content with search intent. Additionally, 80% say it can help improve user experience, 74% believe it benefits their SERP ranking, and 80% say it can help boost SEO” – HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023

“Email automations are an excellent way to boost retention rates, particularly by creating an exceptional post-purchase experience” – Klaviyo

“Automation is ultimately a net positive for digital marketers. The more a brand trusts its data, the easier it is to lean into automation” Search Engine Journal

“We know small business owners don’t have tons of free time to devote to digital marketing, so consider using marketing automation to make this process even easier for yourself” HubSpot

“Marketers are busier than ever, so it makes sense that a variety of marketing automation trends have emerged. Automation and AI save them significant time and effort” HubSpot’s 2023 State of Marketing Report

“ROI isn’t just counting the bucks. It’s about knowing the weight of each dollar. For every dollar poured into marketing automation, the average ROI is $5.44. That’s not just profit — it’s smart spending” – MarTech

“Across all industries, our latest data indicates an average CTR of 1.51% for email campaigns and 5.83% for automations” – Klaviyo

marketers will lean into automation and AI to drive innovation

“It is crucial to find a balance between automation and personalization. A good rule of thumb is to use automation based on user behavior or customer lifecycle stages and align personalized messages with the customer's interests and needs” – MarketingProfs

“SMS is a channel where customer data goes a long way: Marketers can use segmentation and automation to deliver highly relevant, personalized text messages to the people who are most likely to act on them” – Klaviyo

“While it’s helpful to schedule posts in advance, don’t rely solely on automation to drive engagement. Spend some time each day interacting with followers, replying to comments, and engaging in conversations” Semrush

“Marketers are leveraging a healthy mix of email marketing strategies, including automation (27.55%), campaigns (26.65%), personalization (23.08%), and segmentation (22.72%)—almost an even split across the board” Klaviyo

“Automation is the hottest trend in digital marketing right now, and it is here to stay. It can streamline the repetitive tasks of your business and increase overall productivity by automating workflows based on triggers and actions” MarketingProfs

“Indeed, 3 of the top 4 AI use cases are related to automation, highlighting the importance of scaling up speed and effectiveness with existing resources” – Salesforce Research

“With 87% of companies either using or planning to implement marketing automation solutions, you risk being left in the dust if you’re not on this train” MarTech

“The most commonly replaced martech tools are marketing automation platforms (24% of respondents say they have changed in 2023), SEO software (22%), and work/product management solutions (18%)” MarketingProfs

“Marketing automation is incredibly powerful. I know companies that make 50% of their email revenue on automated and transactional emails on 4% to 5% of their overall volume” MarTech

areas in which AI or automation used by SMBs for marketing strategies
Source - Constant Contact and Ascend2 Survey Insights Report

“In fact, 39% of SMBs that have been using AI for less than 6 months have seen immediate results – but, this number jumps to 57% after a year of use. In other words, AI and marketing automation can have both an immediate and a lasting impact on your business” – Small Business Now: An AI Awakening Report by Constant Contact and Ascend2

Forrester found that B2B marketers whoimplement marketing automation have a 10% increase in their sales pipeline contribution. It can also result in a 15% increase in sales productivity and a 12% decrease in marketing overhead, according to tech research firm Nucleus Research” MarTech

“Leverage marketing automation tools for personalized and timely communication. Send targeted messages based on customer behavior and preferences” Data Axle

“AI-powered marketing automation will help you increase productivity, streamline processes and deliver optimized and personalized messages to your customers, which will reflect in your return on investment” Creatopy

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Benefits of AI Marketing Automation

“According to a McKinsey Report, early adopters of pipeline automation reported efficiency gains of 10%-15% and sales growth of up to 10%” CXL

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