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SMS Marketing Statistics - [Time to Supercharge]

Updated: 6 days ago

sms marketing statistics
Photo by Keira Burton [Pexels]

SMS Marketing Statistics:

This blog post is all about SMS marketing statistics that have been collectively shared here. It also includes related facts, that I think are quite important.

In fact, I have personally come across these while reading email newsletters, case studies, market research papers, blogs, industry publications, and reports. When I feel they are relevant, I also utilize them in my blog posts.

SMS Marketing Statistics:

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“Based on a survey of over 1,200 customers late last year, promo messages reminding customers of abandoned carts and SMS marketing drove 38% of customers to make a purchase and 50% were influenced to purchase a product” – Business of Apps and Validity

“In fact, automated marketing campaign workflows with SMS can increase conversions by 21%” HubSpot’s 2023 State of Marketing Report

“Over half (52.13%) of ecommerce businesses that use SMS use it for marketing, while 24.17% use transactional SMS and 23.70% use conversational SMS” Klaviyo

How do E-Commerce Brands Leverage SMS Marketing?:

How do e-commerce brands leverage SMS marketing

“SMS is a channel where customer data goes a long way: Marketers can use segmentation and automation to deliver highly relevant, personalized text messages to the people who are most likely to act on them” – Klaviyo

“A whopping 96% of customers find themselves occasionally annoyed with SMS marketing, particularly when messages aren’t relevant to their needs or the products they purchased” – Business of Apps and Validity

“We see SMS campaign click rates that are 6-8x higher than email” – Klaviyo

“SMS and Push are both channels that, through zero and first-party data, can curate consumer data without facing any privacy repercussions” - The 2023 Mobile Consumer Trends Report by Vibes and Industry Dive's studioID

“According to Klaviyo’s SMS consumer trends research, 31% of consumers want to see personalized SMS content from brands—and almost one-third (32%) say personalized content makes them more likely to subscribe to a brand’s SMS list” – Klaviyo

“SMS is a powerful channel, but even more powerful is SMS and push working together” - The 2023 Mobile Consumer Trends Report by Vibes and Industry Dive's studioID.

“According to Klaviyo’s SMS consumer trends research, 51% of consumers subscribe to SMS for a brand they love, and 55% subscribe to a brand they purchase from frequently” Klaviyo

consumers prefer SMS and push notifications
Image Source - The 2023 Mobile Consumer Trends Report by Vibes and Industry Dive's studioID.

“When we compare email campaign benchmarks to SMS campaign benchmarks, we see SMS drives 462% more clicks and 40% more conversions” Klaviyo

“Using your paid social ad budget to grow your email or SMS list then marketing to that audience over time can potentially lead to a higher lifetime customer value” Ads Creative Guide for eComm report by Insense and Revealbot

“Remember, according to Klaviyo’s SMS consumer sentiment report, 50% of people who aren’t customers welcome coupons and promotional codes over text” – Klaviyo

“According to recent research, consumers are highly receptive to SMS; 81% of them said they read and responded to text messages within five minutes” Vibes Playbook

“In 2024, 87% of marketers plan to continue or increase their investment in mobile messaging through channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

“Spectrm's report shows 64% of respondents prefer messaging as their primary mode of engaging with brands, citing its speed and convenience” Influencer MarketingHub

“An impressive 82% of those surveyed purchased after conversing with a brand, illustrating the powerful role of messaging platforms in the consumer buying journey” – Influencer MarketingHub

link placement and engagement in SMS marketing
Image Source - Klaviyo

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