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24 Best E-Mail Marketing Practices To Avoid 8 Serious Mistakes

24 Best E-Mail Marketing Practices To Avoid 8 Serious Mistakes And Multiply Outcomes:

Mistakes are bound to happen in marketing — it’s part of discovering new and better ways to do things. Even the most seasoned email marketers have made mistakes. But the biggest mistake of all is not knowing what the biggest mistakes are so that you can avoid or fix them.

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By following these 24 best email marketing practices or tips, you’ll be well equipped to avoid serious and major email marketing issues or pitfalls or mistakes that could hurt your success, sender reputation, and credibility and also helps in improving the chances of multiplying results with consistent efforts from your email marketing campaigns.

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24 Best E-Mail Marketing Practices To Avoid 8 Serious Mistakes And Multiply Outcomes:

To Avoid Mistake 1- Unclear Subject Lines:

1. Tell your recipients exactly what they’ll get by opening the email.

2. Front-load the most important words (or numbers), such as “Tips” or “Tricks”.

3. Focus on all metrics, not just open rate. The best subject line in the world is worthless if it doesn’t result in click-throughs.

4. When in doubt, test it out.

To Avoid Mistake 2- Messy E-Mail Lists:

5. Use automated cleaning campaigns to avoid high bounce rates, as they lower deliverability and reputation.

6. Aim for a good sender reputation because it helps your inboxing rate [Inboxing is the percentage of delivered emails that hit the primary inbox].

7. Improve your list by managing soft bounces, role accounts, and unengaged subscribers.

To Avoid Mistake 3 – Failure To Measure E-Mail Inboxing:

8. Introduce bounce management campaigns to improve inboxing rates across ISPs.

9. By using tools like 250ok to optimize your list, you can quickly improve your inboxing results.

10. Measure inboxing across ISPs to help mitigate issues with specific ISPs.

11. Analyze emails for common spam triggers, whether it’s your copy, images, or HTML.

To Avoid Mistake 4 – No Engagement Segmentation:

12. Consider separating your email campaigns by engagement levels if you are a high-volume sender.

13. Stagger email campaigns by engagement to increase email inboxing.

14. Help mitigate business risk by segmenting IP addresses for engagement.

To Avoid Mistake 5 – No Re-Engagement Strategy:

15. Use reactivation campaigns to identify those who still want to hear from you and those who don’t.

16. Build out a series of reactivation emails, not just a single email.

To Avoid Mistake 6 – Using Image Based CTA Buttons:

17. Use an HTML button instead of an image button, which renders when the email hits the inbox.

To Avoid Mistake 7 – No Mobile Optimization:

18. Mobile responsive is no longer a nice-to have, but an absolute must-have.

19. Think beyond the copy and images. The template is a vehicle to deliver the email results you hope to achieve.

20. Use larger text/font size on mobile devices.

21. Make sure the CTA is above the fold when opened, so people don’t need to scroll to see it.

To Avoid Mistake 8 – Bad Testing Decisions:

22. Normalize test send times.

23. Work with a large enough sample size and test more than once to ensure statistical significance.

24. Separate tests to a single variable for clean testing.

I hope you take the time to execute these strategies in a way that will significantly increase the outcomes or results from your email marketing.

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