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[Ahrefs Search Engine] - Yep Search Engine Review.

Updated: Feb 20

Yep [Ahrefs] Search Engine Review:

Yep search engine or ahrefs search engine [as commonly called] is a new search engine [by Ahrefs team] that is gaining popularity or creating a buzz already in recent times in the Internet Marketing space.

The search engine aims to provide users with a clean user-friendly interface, with no ads at the moment and also without any limitations on searches.

There are no particular tricks to get a higher ranking on the Yep search engine at the moment except the sole strategy would be to create content that is useful to the audience. There is a lot to wait and watch.

If you saw this tweet in 2019, it probably won’t surprise you to know Ahrefs CEO Dmytro Gerasymenko kept his word. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

Yep Search Engine Detailed Review
Source - Foundation Team E-Mail Newsletter [Volume 87]

Yep's purpose is as straightforward as "promoting good content."

Yep is planning to provide a private, unbiased search experience that rewards and compensates the content creators.

To do so, it has planned to adopt a 90/10 profit share business model, in which Yep plans to pay these creators 90% of advertising income directly. In the next days, the necessity for a great deal of information from this context will be evident.

Overall, Yep intends to compensate content creators, which is both exciting and tough!

Yep leverages AhrefsBot data to create its own web index and search engine service and planning to switch to YepBot in the near future.

Surprisingly, as you search for information on Yep, from the SERP page, you can also see ‘Try Searching on Google, Bing, Mojeek, DuckDuckGo that indicates there is a lot to happen in the background of Yep when directly or indirectly, it is planning to compete with such search engines from the ad profit (or revenue, bit confusing) sharing perspective.

From the marketer's perspective:

  • A new opportunity to compete in the new space.

  • Ads features are yet to be rolled out, to venture as early as possible.

From the content creator's perspective:

  • Monetization opportunities to strengthen the content creation market.

  • More focus on producing quality content to capture the new search engine market and fulfill the searcher's intent.

From a businesses perspective:

  • Ray of hope anticipated to position as a brand with new visibility!

  • Use advertising slowly (once they've been put out) rather than aggressively until the system is stable or at least ready to use.

  • New ways to get leads and sell products.

As per Hootsuite's Digital Trends 2022, Search Engine Market Share – Google (91.42%), Bing (3.14%), Yahoo (1.53%), and Yandex (0.92%).

Because Ahrefs has already established itself as a leader in the SEO tool industry, getting Yep popular in the future days should not be a difficult feat for them. Their background is expected to generate new search engine waves that gain worldwide traction.

When there are established search engine leaders, however, Yep will have to put in a lot of effort to succeed!

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Here are some key extracts from the interview between Ahrefs CEO and Search Engine Journal:

"Yep itself came up the first time when we were watching the Avatar cartoons in which Aang his friends used the phrase, “yip-yip” to make their sky bison take off into the air.

Anyway, the success of the new search will depend on users’ interest. If our ideas convince thought leaders that supporting creators will make the Internet better for everyone, maybe users will give it a shot.

Yep does not yet provide the best results for all kinds of queries. But we want people to try setting it as a default search engine.

We are improving algorithms all the time to boost good content, demote the spammy pages and diminish the impact of spammy links.

We will keep our privacy policy updated as we polish the details. I believe that Yep is the most private search engine at the moment, and we want it to be this way.

Create useful content for people"

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Extract from Ahrefs' Weekly Digest #89:

"TechCrunch broke the news about our efforts to create a search engine, Yep. We want to take this opportunity to clarify two things:

  • This is not a launch. We’re in very, very, very, very, very early stages. This is just a “progress report” to show we’re serious about this goal.

  • Even though TechCrunch reported that we “invested” $60M into Yep, it is not fully accurate. The investment is not strictly into a search engine. Rather, it’s into the infrastructure that will allow both Yep and Ahrefs to grow and evolve (since both Yep and Ahrefs are intertwined)".

"In short, the Yep business model motivates individuals from all walks of life to share their unique knowledge, and pushes for high-quality content to fill every page of search results" - Yep


Regardless of the search engines, there is always a large opportunity for individuals willing to offer good quality content, and from Yep's perspective, there is profit-sharing news that needs to be tapped in the future, which is not evident at the moment. But for marketers, Yep will always be a welcome move.

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