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Content Quality Metrics

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

content quality metrics - [content marketing metrics]
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Content Quality Metrics:

Content quality metrics are measures used to assess the quality of the content you are producing. These metrics change depending on the platform or channel you use to post or publish the content.

However, when it comes to assessing the quality of content, here are a few key metrics in general that you should keep in mind and are believed to be highly effective.

These eight metrics include readability, accuracy, clarity, relevancy, originality, actionability, accessibility, and engagement.

“You can’t measure the success of a marketing plan without having specific goals. Being clear on what you want to achieve and what metrics matter will help you identify what works best to drive engagement and growth” Google for Creators

8 Content Quality Metrics:

1. Readability is the ability of a reader to understand the content quickly and easily. This means that the content should be free from jargon and unnecessary technical language.

Additionally, shorter sentences and paragraphs can help make the content easier to understand.

2. Accuracy is key when it comes to content quality. It’s important to do your research and double-check facts and figures when writing content.

3. Clarity is how well the message or idea is communicated. If the content is not clear and concise, readers may become confused or frustrated.

4. Relevancy relates to how well the content relates to the topic at hand. Content should be focused on a specific topic or idea and should not drift away from the subject.

5. Originality. How unique the content is, and whether it provides new insights or perspectives.

6. Actionability. How well the content offers practical advice, recommendations, or any next steps that the user can take.

7. Accessibility. How well the content is designed and formatted to be accessible to all forms of users, including those with disabilities.

8. Engagement is a vitally important metric when it comes to assessing content quality. The more engaging a piece of content is, the more likely readers are to stay on the page and interact with the content.

This could include adding visuals, and subheadings, breaking up paragraphs, and videos, and also using storytelling techniques as the case may be.

Depending on the platform or channel the content is published on, engagement on the content may [take the form of] likes, shares, comments, organic traffic, page views, backlinks created, reblogs, CTRs, retweets, followers, saves, posts or content mentions, dwell time, sign-ups, subscribers, bounce rate, impressions, leads, and conversions.

“When asked for the top three social media metrics, engagement (77%), followers (62%) and website traffic (56%) came up most frequently” - State of Social 2023 Report [EMEA Edition] by Meltwater

When establishing your content strategy, goals, or objectives, you may even use these different engagement forms as your metrics too.

Content Marketing Metrics:

Metrics to measure content's success:

“Rankings and organic search traffic data are relative. Consider adding critical metrics like leads, sales, and PDF downloads as key performance indicators” Content Marketing Institute

The platform or channel could be your social media accounts, website, blog, or any other network where you can reach and communicate with your audience.

It’s all about choosing what you want to achieve with each content campaign and measuring them using analytical tools for checking content performance.

Here are the content quality metrics as per expert Kevin Indig:

Overall, by taking into consideration of aforementioned eight key content quality metrics, you can ensure that your content is of high quality and engaging for your readers.

By keeping track of these different key metrics, you can get a better sense of how successful your content is at achieving its desired goals. This will help you create better, and more effective content in the future.

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