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Metaverse – Latest Interesting 14 Key Stats and Facts!

Metaverse – Latest Interesting 14 Key Stats and Facts!

1. Market cap of Web 2.0 Metaverse companies: 14.8tr USD

2. Number of users of Web 3.0 Virtual Worlds: 50000

3. Share of adults considering joining the Metaverse: 74%

4. Meta’s revenue in 2021: 118bn USD

5. Main reason Facebook changed its name to Meta, according to US adults: To distance itself from negative press.

6. Share of U.S Adults who have a very unfavourable opinion of Mark Zuckerberg: 32%

7. Main reason US Consumers would join the metaverse

(public opinion):

To experience things they can’t in a physical reality

8. Biggest concern of US adults on the future of the metaverse

(public opinion): Privacy

9. Share of US adults who still don’t understand what the metaverse is (public opinion) : 29%

10. Market size of AR, VR and MR (mixed reality) worldwide in 2021:

28bn USD

11. Forecast number of mobile augmented reality users worldwide in 2024: 1.73 bn

12. Share of VR users who use VR daily: 32%

13. Zuckerberg himself has stated that no one company will own and operate the metaverse. Instead, it will act as a collective space, like the internet, with openness a key feature

14. The metaverse as a term was coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, where humans, as avatars, interact with each other.

Source: Statista (Published by Joseph Johnson, March, 23, 2022)

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