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Reach and Impression in Digital Marketing - What's the difference?

What are the differences between reach and impression in digital marketing?:

These two metrics are often confused because they are often reported together. However, understanding the difference between them is important for successful digital marketing campaigns.

Reach is the potential number of people who could see your ad. An impression is the total number of times your ad was shown to a potential customer.

A high reach does not necessarily mean that your campaign is successful if impressions are low. This can lead to brand fatigue and negative perceptions.

On the other hand, a high impression does not necessarily mean that your campaign is successful if the reach is low. This can lead to wastage of resources and dissatisfied potential customers.

Reach and impressions are different from campaign to campaign, but they give you an idea of how many people are likely to see your ad.

Your marketing team can use this information to fine-tune your campaigns and target them toward the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Overall, reach is a measurement of how many people are likely to be exposed to your marketing campaign. An impression is a measurement of how many times your advertisements appear in front of potential customers.

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