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Top Affiliate Marketers Do These 13 Activities [than other people don’t]

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Top Affiliate Marketers Do These 13 Activities

Top Affiliate Marketers Do These 13 Activities

These are the ones that I was able to figure out from investigating numerous sources and listening to insights from a few super-affiliates on what top affiliate marketers do, to set themselves apart from the competition:

  1. Experiment with different marketing channels to see how they respond and how the target audience behaves to scale future plans.

  2. Make use of high-budget paid marketing efforts.

  3. Invest in online marketing resources and technologies to boost work productivity and simplify tasks.

  4. Engage with a target audience across many social media channels (forums, groups, and communities).

  5. Participate in events to expand networking possibilities.

  6. Mastermind groups are used to train new affiliates.

  7. Make the most of video content marketing.

  8. Email marketing automation is used to promote products to large e-mail lists.

  9. Prepared to take on greater risks.

  10. Has a habit of reading.

  11. Strive to develop and maintain a positive mindset at all times.

  12. To harness experience and skills, they sell their own products and services by creating from their own experiences.

  13. Some of their affiliate marketing efforts are outsourced to freelancers (for example landing page creation, video editing, content formatting, content creation, copywriters, social media posts, and similar tasks).

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