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Email Automation Benefits

benefits of email marketing automation
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Email Automation Benefits:

Email marketing automation is the process of configuring your email marketing campaigns to automatically trigger when certain events occur — generally such as a subscriber signing up to your mailing list or purchasing a product from your online store.

With email marketing automation, you can save time and effort by scheduling and delivering emails at the right time, without having to manually input data or create messages one-by-one.

A 2021 study found that utilizing marketing automation for lead nurturing results in a 451% rise in qualified leads! - HighonM

6 Major Benefits of Email Marketing Automation:

1. Reduces the workload and allows your marketing team to focus on more important tasks, while still being able to stay connected with your leads throughout the email marketing campaign.

The best email marketing campaigns are triggered based on prospect actions. These actions are what email marketing automation is designed to do for you.

2. Saves time and resources in creating and sending out email campaigns to your leads.

Automating campaign creation can save you up to 80% of the time it takes to create a campaign, so you can spend more time testing and optimizing performance.

3. Eliminating manual processes can help reduce errors, making it easier to maintain email deliverability and improve subscriber engagement.

4. Gives you more control over your campaigns allowing you to easily make changes as needed throughout the campaign lifecycle.

5. Helps you target specific leads allowing for a more personalized experience.

“Personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates than emails without personalization” - litmus’s personalization lessons report

6. Automating unsubscribes can increase unsubscribe rates by 1–2%, which is generally considered a positive effect that reflects trust building.

By implementing email marketing automation into your campaign strategy, you can take advantage of these benefits that can help improve your overall campaign results or outcomes.

Need help? Use to set up your first email automation.

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