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Why do Consumers Buy More at Lower Prices? - [Sales booster]

Why do consumers buy more at lower prices?
Photo by Tim Douglas [Pexels]

Why do Consumers Buy More at Lower Prices?:

Interested in the psychology of consumers or have some sort of curiosity to understand ‘why do consumers buy more at lower prices?’ You can learn everything you need to know from this post.

As a digital marketer and blogger, I have done extensive research on consumer behavior and purchasing habits, and I can tell you that price is one of the most important factors that influence consumer buying decisions.

Do you know? - “42% of Americans are prioritizing price when making purchasing decisions” - Resonate Email

Consumers Buy More at Lower Prices:

First and foremost, consumers are always looking for a good deal. When they see a product that is priced lower than its competitors, they perceive it as being more valuable and are more likely to buy it.

This is because people generally believe that higher prices equate to higher quality, so when a product is priced lower than expected, it creates a sense of urgency to buy it before the price goes up.

“Scarcity and urgency can be powerful tools for improving your conversion rates. It’s essential to use them responsibly and ethically, however. The more legitimate, the more impactful and believable it will be” Search Engine Land

Additionally, purchasing decisions are often driven by emotions rather than logic. Consumers want to feel good about their purchases, and getting a good deal provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

It's the feeling of "winning" or "getting one over" on the seller that can be very satisfying for consumers.

“80% of the performance of your shopping campaigns will be down to your image and the price that’s showing on that product” Search Engine Journal

Another reason why consumers buy more at lower prices is because it allows them to stretch their budgets further.

When a product is priced lower than usual, consumers may be able to afford to buy more of it, or they may be able to allocate more of their budget toward other purchases.

This is especially true for price-sensitive consumers who are looking to save money wherever they can.

“Communicate value to your customers regularly, via discounts or unique experiences. Regular communication reduces price sensitivity and leads to fewer sales losses” - channable and Marketing Dive [2022]

Last but not least, it's important to note that lower prices are often used as a promotional tactic by businesses.

Companies will use discounts, deals, offers, bundle pricing, and other sales promotions to attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

By offering a lower price, businesses can generate more sales volume and increase their customer base.

“By changing the ending digits of your listing price to 7 or 9, you could increase the number of click-throughs and conversions. Why? Because consumers are psychologically trained to be drawn to figures that end with odd numbers, precisely the number 7” Search Engine Journal

In conclusion, consumers buy more at lower prices because it provides them with a sense of value, satisfaction, and allows them to stretch their budgets further.

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