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Why Video Marketing is so Powerful?

Updated: Jan 3

why video marketing - [importance of video in marketing]
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Why Video Marketing is so Powerful?

With the rise of online video and social media, video marketing is more important and so powerful than ever before. A well-produced video can convey your message to a large audience in a short amount of time.

They are an excellent way to capture and hold the attention of potential customers and can be used to highlight key features, benefits, and prices.

Video marketing is an effective way to tell your story and is a great tool to encourage engagement and build trust.

Do you know? - “71% of B2B Marketers Use Video Marketing, While 66% of B2C Do” – VidStudioAI

Why Videos are Important?

Marketing videos are more memorable than text-based ads. They are easier to digest and understand, and they have the ability to capture the attention of potential customers before they even click on the advertisement.

Watching Online Video Content:

Percentage of Internet users aged 16 to 64 who watch each kind of video content each week:

Video Marketing:

Video marketing should accomplish the following:

  • Inform – Explain the product or service and why it is beneficial to the viewer.

  • Engage – Create interest in the product or service by explaining how it can improve someone's life.

  • Motivate – Convince viewers to take action and purchase your product or service.

Were you aware? - “41% of survey respondents cited videos as a tactic that made their content strategies more successful. From social media to websites, videos help increase time on page, engagement, reach, click-through rate, rankings, and audience growth” - Semrush
Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2023

Additionally, videos can be shared across various platforms, which can help increase exposure and reach a larger audience.

This can lead to increased engagement and conversions, which are both critical for successful marketing campaigns.

Pro-Tip: People are more likely to watch a video that is under two minutes long. By keeping your video short and to the point, you will increase engagement.

Overall, video marketing is so powerful and effective way to educate consumers about your product or service and convince them to make a purchase, including the ability to connect with them more on a personal level that aims to build credibility and trust in the customer journey.

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