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Challenges of International Marketing - [Major 6 to overcome]

challenges of international marketing
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Challenges of International Marketing:

International marketing can be a challenging task for any business, and there are several reasons why this is the case. Let's take a look at some of the main challenges that come with international marketing.

“With rising customer expectations, challenges, managing data, and changing KPIs, marketers have their work cut out for them. And with the pace of change in today’s world, the speed and ease of collaboration can make — or break — a marketing team’s success” – Salesforce Research [State of Marketing, 8th Edition, 2022]

Challenges of International Marketing:

Here are the major 6 challenges of international marketing which businesses need to overcome for being successful:

1. Cultural Differences:

One of the biggest challenges of international marketing is cultural differences.

Every country has its own unique culture, customs, and traditions that need to be considered when developing marketing campaigns.

What works in one country may not necessarily work in another, so it's important to research and understand the culture of the target market.

2. Language Barriers:

Another challenge of international marketing is language barriers. It's essential to communicate with customers in their native language to ensure that your message is understood clearly.

This can be difficult if you're targeting multiple countries with different languages.

“Translating your content doesn’t just let you reach people who don’t understand English. It also builds trust with your audience. 68% of people prefer communicating with a brand in their native language” – FoundationInc

3. Legal and Regulatory Requirements:

Different countries have different laws and regulations that businesses must comply with when marketing their products or services.

For example, some countries may have strict regulations on advertising certain types of products, like alcohol, wellness products, or weight loss pills.

Additionally, the GDPR and other privacy legislation that are currently on the global radar need serious attention while doing online marketing campaigns.

4. Market Research:

Conducting market research is crucial when entering a new market. However, it can be difficult to find reliable data in some countries, which can make it challenging to develop effective marketing strategies.

“Globally, corporate branding and market research were ranked top, with 82% and 84% of marketers respectively citing these as having significant impact” - LinkedIn’s 8th Annual Technology Buying and Marketing Research Report

5. Competition:

Competition in international markets can be fierce, with many established local brands already operating in the market.

This makes it important to differentiate your brand and offer something unique that appeals to customers.

“For a product ecosystem to be beneficial to buyers, you need to ensure your products or services are effectively solve the challenges and pain points of your target audience. To do this, listen to your customers” – HubSpot

Marketing activity shifts over the past 12 months:

Marketing activity shifts over the past 12 months
Image Source - LinkedIn

6. Logistics:

Finally, logistics can be a significant challenge when marketing internationally. Shipping products overseas can be expensive and time-consuming, and there may be additional customs duties and taxes to consider.

“The digital landscape is evolving fast, so it is crucial to use technology to improve your business performance and stay ahead of the competition. Personalization and data-driven marketing are essentials” MarketingProfs

In conclusion, international marketing presents several challenges that businesses must overcome to be successful.

Cultural differences, language barriers, legal requirements, market research, competition, and logistics all play a significant role in shaping the international marketing landscape.

To succeed in this space, businesses must carefully consider these challenges and develop strategies that address them effectively.

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