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Is Facebook considered a Blog? - [Explore the Boundaries]

Is Facebook considered a Blog
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Is Facebook considered a Blog?:

No, Facebook is not considered a blog. While both Facebook and blogs are platforms that allow users to share content and engage with others, there are a few key fundamental differences between the two.

A blog is typically a website or a section of a website where individuals or businesses can regularly publish written articles, known as blog posts. These blog posts are often organized, with the most recent post appearing at the top.

Blogs provide a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, opinions, and expertise on specific topics known as niches.

They often have features such as comment sections that allow readers to engage in discussions with the author and other readers.

“A great way to become an authority on your topic, product, or service is to blog” HubSpot

On the other hand, Facebook is a social networking platform that focuses more on personal connections and social interactions.

While users can share text-based content on Facebook [up to 63,206 characters per post, though still good], however, it is ‘not primarily’ designed, aimed, or used for long-form written content like blog posts.

Facebook is more geared towards sharing updates, photos, videos, statuses, and links to external websites or articles.

Do you know? - "The days and times that tend to deliver the highest engagement, on average, on Facebook posts from businesses are Mondays through Thursdays from 8 a.m. until around 1 p.m” MarketingProfs

Facebook Post Engagement Benchmarks:

One of the main differences between Facebook and blogs is ownership and control over the content.

When you publish a blog post on your own website, you have full ownership and control over the content. You can customize the design, layout, and functionality of your blog to suit your needs.

In contrast, when you post content on Facebook, you are essentially giving ownership and control to the platform itself.

Facebook has the power to change its algorithms, and policies, or even shut down your account, which could potentially impact your ability to reach your audience or build connections.

“Facebook has throttled the reach of business pages, while ad costs have gone up. Only 7% of posts on the platform contain links to external sites. That's a reduction of 53% in just the past 9 months” Social Media Examiner

Additionally, blogs are often seen as a more professional platform for showcasing expertise and building credibility in a specific field.

Many businesses and professionals use blogs as a content marketing channel to attract potential customers or clients.

Blogs are also highly customizable in terms of design and branding, allowing individuals or businesses to create a unique online presence.

While Facebook does have some blogging-like features such as the ability to write longer posts and engage in discussions through comments, it is primarily known for its social networking capabilities rather than its blogging capabilities.

“By sharing your content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can drive more traffic to your website, foster engagement, and boost your website's search engine performance” - Ross Simmonds Newsletter

Last but not least, Facebook has evolved to focus more on entertainment [create attention and hook users, though having business objectives too], whereas blogs tend to be more about education and knowledge sharing.

In summary, Facebook is not considered a blog. While both Facebook and blogs enable content sharing and interaction, they serve different purposes as a whole.

Blogs are more focused on long-form written content, often with a specific niche or topic, while Facebook is primarily a social networking platform that emphasizes personal connections and user-generated content.

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