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Why Writing Skills are Important for Marketing Professionals?

Updated: Apr 16

why writing skills are important for marketing professionals
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Why Writing Skills are Important for Marketing Professionals?

Marketers need to communicate their stories and ideas to customers in ways that resonate with them. To do so, they need writing skills. That’s why writing is such an important skill for marketing professionals.

After all, how can you sell someone your product or service if you can’t explain it clearly?

Writing helps you clearly convey your thoughts and ideas, which makes you a more effective marketer.

"Use shorter words instead of complex ones, where possible. It sounds patronizing, but the truth is, you want your readers to be able to skim your copy and get as much information as quickly as possible" - Semrush

Why is Good Writing Important?

One way to understand why writing is so important for marketers is to think about how people consume media. People generally don't read lengthy marketing copy; they hear it over and over again.

Not only do they hear it, they see it too in TV commercials, on social media feeds, and virtually everywhere else they look.

Communication is an important part of marketing, but it’s also extremely challenging. Writing is a skill that can be practiced, improved, and refined. You can always get better at it. You can learn to write better.

You can develop your ability to communicate in a variety of ways, both in and out of writing. In other words, you can use the written word to reach, persuade, and connect with your audience.

“Think of AI as your friend, but not your best friend. AI can help make the writing process easier—but cannot replace you, the writer” Semrush

Which Writing Skills Are Important for Marketers?:

To help you understand which writing skills are most important, let’s take a quick look at the different types of marketing writing.

Advertising: Advertising is the most obvious type of marketing writing. Ads are usually short pieces of text that can appear in print, online, or on-demand media.

They’re meant to drive immediate sales and are usually the least creative type of marketing copy.

Copywriting: The term “copywriting” generally refers to more creative pieces of written marketing.

These pieces often use advertising formats, but they tend to be more stylized, more focused on persuasion, and less likely to include any visual elements.

Sales Copy: Sales copy is the most obvious type of written marketing, but it’s not the most important. In fact, it’s only important to a limited extent.

You’ll use sales copy when selling products, but you’ll mainly use other forms of marketing to sell those products.

“At least 90% of writers, or at least writing, will be replaceable by technology in the next decade. Maybe in the next few years”Infinite Play

How to Develop Writing Skills?:

Writing is a skill, just like any other skill, and it can be developed through practice.

You don’t need to be an excellent writer to succeed as a marketer, but you do need to develop your writing skills. How you do this depends on what type of writer you are.

Copywriters should practice their craft with content, especially how to use language to influence and persuade.

They also need to learn how to use visual elements, like graphs and charts, to supplement their written content.

Visual storytellers should practice their visual storytelling skills. They can do this by writing stories and creating visual content, like infographics and images.

Journalists, bloggers, and researchers should practice their research skills. When using research sources, be extra careful because all written marketing is indirect.

“If you want to improve your writing or discover new ideas, you need to read. I recommend building a habit of reading at least 30 minutes a day. As for what to read, look toward your industry’s thought leaders and see what they’re recommending” Ahrefs

10 Best AI Writing Tools:

10 best AI writing tools
Image Content Source - Ahrefs

Why Is Good Grammar So Important for Writers?:

Grammar is important because it’s the foundation of other writing skills. A good understanding of grammar allows you to improve your writing by using proper written English.

You want to use correct grammar because it helps your writing be clear and easy to read.

You want your writing to be easy to read because that means it’s more likely to be read. That’s because you’ll be less likely to skip over or ignore your marketing if it’s easily understood.

You want your marketing to be understood by as many people as possible, so use correct grammar to help you do that. Here are some tools to upgrade your writing skills.

“Grammarly and IDC’s research found that 74% of executives value professionally written (i.e., clear, concise and tone-aware) business communications, yet a majority (54%) have not taken action to operationalize improvements to communication” Grammarly

GenAI to Assist with Writing and Editing Content:

GenAI to Assist with Writing and Editing Content
Image Source - Grammarly Forrester Gen AI Study Report

Research and Writing Skills:

As a marketer, you can use research to inform your writing.

When you’re writing copy, blog posts, or any other type of marketing content, you can use research to inform your ideas. This is important, especially if your marketing is in-depth and detailed.

If your marketing is extensive, you’ll have more opportunities to use research, so you must take advantage of it.

You can use your research to inform your ideas, clarify your thoughts and ideas, and inform your language. This will help you develop your writing skills.

“55.4% of survey respondents reported using AI content tools for writing short-form copy e.g. social media posts, product descriptions” – Aira and Verblio’s Future of AI Content Marketing Study [2022]

Tips for Becoming a Better Writer:

Keep a journal: When you’re trying to improve your writing skills, the best thing you can do is keep a journal. When you journal, you’re keeping a written record of your progress.

You can then look back on your journal and see what you’re doing right and where you have room for improvement.

Read, read, read: When you’re trying to improve your writing skills, the best thing you can do is keep reading.

Reading is an important way to develop your writing, especially because you can take what you read and apply it to your own writing. Write for the sole purpose of improvement.

Read other types of content: When you’re trying to develop your writing skills, the best thing you can do is keep reading other types of content that motivate or inspire you.


Writing is an important skill for marketers, and the best way to develop your writing skills is to practice and write every day.

Whether you’re writing for specific purposes or just for fun, you can use writing to improve your marketing skills.

When you write every day and take it seriously, you’ll find that it helps you become a better marketer. So, why not start now by developing your writing skills?

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