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Will AI Kill SEO? - [Kill the Myth]

Will AI kill SEO - [using ai in seo]
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Will AI Kill SEO?:

No, AI will not kill SEO; completely, but rather change the way one approaches it. In fact, I can understand why you might be concerned about the impact of Artificial Intelligence [AI] on SEO.

As you may already know, SEO and content go hand in hand and jointly form a profitable marketing channel in the long run.

Do you also know? AI is already being used in various industries, including digital marketing!

AI adoption in digital marketing activities
Image Source - AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

As per the same AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report, SEO specialists [27%] are one of the job roles with the highest risk of AI disruption.

But hold on, there's more to consider.

Basically, AI tools or technologies are designed to produce better results in less time [in most cases, in a matter of seconds and a few minutes in some cases] including doing repetitive tasks [without manual intervention], that normally take humans a while [hours and days] to complete.

Let's dive in to know more about the topic at hand so that you can hopefully get the answer from this post.

AI Kill SEO?

From the search engines perspective, where SGE [Search Engine Generative AI experiments in progress from Google, and Microsoft’s Bing] AI algorithms are getting trained to analyze search queries and user data to determine the most relevant and useful content for a particular query.

In fact, it was there previously as well, but because of modernized technology, the process is improving better and better.

The aim is to tailor quality search results and website content to individual users based on their search history, location, and other factors.

"This is the concerned area where the traffic, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR) from organic search have been fluctuating for the past several days. For several more months, this is probably the case"

This has even provided a crystal-clear signal for SEOs, bloggers, and website owners to once again focus on the quality of content that search engines are likely to want to promote upward in the search engine result pages.

In other words, it's more difficult than ever to keep on top of the SEO game.

Simultaneously, AI technologies or tools are getting ready to assist SEOs, content creators, website owners, bloggers, and others involved in content creation to have the content [first draft] in a matter of seconds, with better quality than typically time-consuming earlier.

Generative AI revolutionized SEO efforts by generating highly optimized content to a whole new level, of course, it still needs a human touch to make it complete from the perspective of adding user needs or search intent.

“Google has changed its stance to declare it doesn’t care if content is AI generated or not, so long as it’s high quality. This has given publishers the green light to embrace AI with open arms” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

Additionally, to ensure that all needs, and standards are met, one must consider plagiarism (with occasional checks), fact-checking, editing, and fine-tuning. [Here are the best tools for content proofreading you may explore].

What do Bloggers and SEOs use AI [automation] for?:

The top 3 AI applications as identified by HubSpot’s The State of AI Survey 2023 are shown below.

What do Bloggers and SEOs use AI [automation] for? 37% responses were on analyzing blogs to provide actionable insights, 35% responses for automating time consuming SEO tasks, and 34% responses on creating an SEO driven content strategy

Using AI in SEO:

AI [as tools] can also help with several aspects of SEO:

  1. Identify relevant keywords and phrases for a website or content based on search volume, competition, and user intent.

  2. Generate content ideas, content briefs, content outlines, meta descriptions, optimized headlines, content rephrasing, content summaries, and many more.

  3. Make suggestions for improving the user experience, such as optimizing page load times or improving navigation.

  4. Analyze large amounts of data and make informed decisions based on that data.

  5. Support competitive research and analysis.

“When given access to first-party customer data, such as purchase or website browsing history, generative AI tools can provide support interactions tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer” MarketingProfs

So, AI doesn't mean that SEO will become obsolete, in fact, it will also create new opportunities for SEO professionals to add value to their readers, customers, and clients.

Last but not least, SEO is not just about algorithms and data but also about human creativity and empathy, things only humans are able to contribute, that’s missing in AI!

“In the AI Age of search, merely matching your keyword to a search query is no longer enough. Google is now able to understand your site and the content of your pages in deeper ways that allow it to do much more sophisticated matching or content to a user’s intent, search journey, and more” seoClarity

Pro-Tip: In light of the extensive transformation happening in the SEO landscape, it is not wise to rely solely on the SEO channel.

It is advisable to explore alternative approaches like email marketing [via email list building] to adapt and thrive in this evolving environment.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that AI will not kill SEO, but rather enhances it. At the same time, SEO practices will significantly alter in order to win the race.

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