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How does In-house vs Agency SEO work? - [Pros and Cons]

Updated: Feb 24

Inhouse SEO vs Agency - [how do SEO agencies work]
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How does In-house vs Agency SEO work? - [Pros and Cons]:

When it comes to SEO, there are two main options - in-house and agency. Both have their pros and cons, so let's take a look at those.

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Inhouse SEO:

With in-house SEO, you have the advantage of full control over your SEO efforts.

This means you can tailor your campaigns to fit your business’s needs and goals, and you have the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

The downside is that you may lack the expertise or resources to truly maximize your SEO potential.

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In-house SEO team structure:

When it comes to structuring an in-house SEO team, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The structure you choose will depend on the size and scope of your organization, as well as the resources you have available or plan to have.

At the most basic level, an in-house SEO team should include a technical SEO specialist, a content strategist, and an outreach specialist.

The technical SEO specialist will be responsible for optimizing your website for search engine crawlers and ensuring that all technical aspects of your website are optimized for SEO.

The content strategist will create content that is both search-engine friendly and useful to your target audience.

The outreach specialist will be responsible for building relationships with other websites and influencers to increase your visibility.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may also need additional roles such as an SEO analyst, a data scientist, or a UX designer.

An SEO analyst will monitor your website’s performance and look for opportunities to improve it.

A data scientist can help you identify patterns in the data that can be used to inform your SEO strategy.

And a UX designer will ensure that your website is user-friendly and optimized for conversions.

No matter what roles you decide to include in your in-house SEO team, it’s important to ensure that everyone is working together towards the same goal.

Clear communication, collaboration, and having the right tools in place will help ensure that your team is successful in achieving your SEO goals.

Agency SEO - [How do SEO agencies work?]

On the other hand, with an agency, you have access to a team of experienced professionals who are able to provide expert advice and guidance on SEO strategies and techniques.

This can help you get the most out of your SEO campaigns, as well as ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

The downside is that it can be expensive and time-consuming to work with an agency.

Both in-house SEO and agency SEO can be effective if done right, so it really depends on your specific needs and goals.

If you really lack the resources and expertise to properly implement an SEO strategy, then hiring an SEO agency might be the best option for you.

However, if you have the time and resources to manage SEO in-house, then you may be able to achieve great results without having to spend too much money. To keep ahead, make sure internal staff receive timely training.

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