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How does Video help SEO?

Updated: Feb 11

How does Video help SEO?:

Video help SEO through the engagement factor. Many businesses are now taking advantage of the video content marketing trend. Video content is a very effective way to improve SEO. YouTube is the second most used search engine, so ranking high on YouTube will likely help your website rank high in search engines.

41% of survey respondents cited videos as a tactic that made their content strategies more successful. From social media to websites, videos help increase time on page, engagement, reach, click-through rate, rankings, and audience growth” - Semrush

Video help SEO:

Yes, this is because, video content is more likely to be shared on social media, which can improve SEO outcomes. The same also applies to videos that are embedded in blog posts or article posts or on a website.

By including descriptive keywords in your video title, thumbnails, tags, and description, you can help Google and other search engines better understand what your video is about and increase its visibility.

“Websites featuring video content can rank up to 53 times higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) than those without” - readwrite

Additionally, including keywords in your video can make it easier for viewers to find the information they are looking for. Including relevant keywords in your captions and subtitles will help ensure that your video is properly indexed by search engines.

Google Search Console just added a tab for video pages — they literally show you how important it is from an SEO perspective. It is crucial to ensure that the content of your video is valuable and informative.

By creating engaging and high-quality videos, viewers will be more likely to stay tuned in and stay on your website which also improves its sharing potential. This can help increase their trust in your brand or business, which can improve your SEO even further.

“More than half of marketers (53%) optimize photos or videos for visual search engines and 49% of marketers find it to be one of their most effective strategies” - HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing Trends 2022

Ultimately, the more visible and accessible your video content is, the better it will rank in search engines and the more likely it is to be viewed by potential audiences or customers, thus making the role of the video very helpful for SEO.

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