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Is a Low Domain Authority Bad for Backlinks?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Is a Low Domain Authority Bad for Backlinks?

Not necessarily. Low domain authority doesn't necessarily mean low-quality links. Many high-quality websites have low DA, but they are still great websites to link to.

Is Domain Authority a Ranking Factor?

Domain authority is not a ranking factor, at least not directly. It’s a quality metric that shows how likely your content is to be found by Google using domain-specific search terms.

Besides, the most important factor when it comes to backlinks and their quality is the actual content of the page you're linking to.

If the page is not relevant or doesn't offer any value for your readers, then no matter how many DAs you have, it's not going to be a good link.

Content quality is more important than domain authority. If your content is high quality and relevant, the backlinks will come naturally.

A low DA can only limit your access to high-quality websites, but it won't stop you from building quality backlinks if you have great content and a good link-building campaign.

On the other end, the number of backlinks you need is not the most important thing; the overall quality of those backlinks is what matters most. Without quality backlinks, your efforts will be worthless.

Overall, low domain authority is not bad for backlinks.

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