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[Mobile SEO] - Why is it really important for Businesses?

Updated: Jul 22

SEO Mobile [Mobile Optimized or Mobile Responsive] - [why is mobile optimisation important to a business]
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Mobile SEO - Why is it really important for Businesses?

Mobile SEO [mobile optimization or mobile responsive or mobile content friendly] is so important because it is becoming an evolving part of online marketing, and is also one of the good signals to search engines to make websites rank higher.

Additionally, mobile devices are becoming more and more popular so companies need to be able to get their messages to the people that are viewing their websites on their mobiles.

As per Meltwater’s Digital 2023 April Global Statshot Report, the share of web traffic by devices is as follows: mobile phones (57.16%), laptops and desktop computers (40.79%), and tablets (2.02%).

This is why mobile optimization is important to a business. This is also especially true in the post-pandemic era.

People are already increasingly using their mobile phones to access the internet, both at work and at home.

Mobile SEO or Mobile Optimization:

Here are some recent information, facts, and industry insights that highlight the importance of focusing on mobile SEO.

Users accessing the Internet using Mobile Phones - 95%

As per the same report referenced above,

Share of Mobile Web Traffic by Mobile OS: Android – 70.88% and Apple IoS – 28.42%

“Mobile responsive is no longer a nice-to have, but an absolute must-have” - Marketo

“Over 50% of email campaigns are read on a mobile device, and mobile responsive emails are 65% more likely to bring customers to your website” - knak

“Consumers also spend over 85% of their time in apps on mobile devices thus increasing in-app product discovery as well” - Adobe Accelerator eBook Series

Mobile SEO can also help businesses to drive organic traffic, improve their brand visibility and gain more trust from potential customers. It's a ranking factor too. You can take advantage of your competitors here.

With the recent developments, Google started showing site names in mobile search results.

So, businesses should invest in mobile SEO if they want to improve their visibility on mobile devices and gradually boost revenue.

“People are now migrating from PCs to smartphones and more than 50% of search queries come from mobile devices” - Adobe Accelerator eBook Series

Pro-Tip: Speed is extremely important when it comes to mobile SEO because people are going to be looking at your site on their phones. If it takes them too long to download your site, they're likely going to close the tab.

In conclusion, mobile SEO or mobile optimization is crucial for any business today. Neglecting it means missing out on opportunities, reducing user experience, and hindering growth.

Embrace mobile optimization to stay competitive and succeed in the digital age.

P.S: Visit Digital Marketing Forum that answers [most un-answered] questions.

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