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[Submit a URL to Google] - Why is it really necessary?

Why is it necessary to submit a URL to Google?

When you submit a URL to Google, you are telling the search engine that your website is available to be crawled and indexed. This will help Google better understand and rank your site.

Submit URL to Google for indexing:

Google crawls the web to build an index that can be used to show search results. When it crawls a web page, Google also collects information about the page, such as the URL and content of the page. Google uses this information to build an index of all of the pages on the web.

How to submit a URL to Google?

You can submit a URL to Google using your Google Search Console account. You can also use this to help you find any problems or red errors with the URL web content page.

Overall, submitting a URL to Google helps your web page appear in search results.

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