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Will Blogging Die? - [Breaking the Myth]

Will Blogging Die
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto [Pexels]

Will Blogging Die?:

No, blogging will not die. In other words, it won't die as long as search engines do.

In fact, blogging has become an integral part of the online world, and it's only getting bigger and better.

I understand your concern, and what you're about to read may help you find the solution or answer you're looking for.

First, let's define what blogging is.

Blogging is the act of creating content in the form of blog posts, articles, or any type of written content that's published on a website.

It's an effective way to communicate your thoughts, opinions, expertise, and also ideas to an online audience.

Now, why do people think that blogging could die?:

One reason could be the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter.

These platforms have made it easier for people to share their thoughts, content, and ideas quickly without the need for a blog post. In fact, they are meant to engage audiences and build relationships.

However, social media platforms can never replace blogs. While social media allows for quick updates and short content, blogs offer more in-depth content that is well-researched and informative.

Moreover, blogs allow for more creativity and flexibility in terms of design and layout. In fact, 77% of internet users read blogs, according to Writesonic.

“Social media is the most popular channel for driving blog traffic (Orbit Media)” Ahrefs

Social Engagement to Website Engagement:

Social Engagement to Website Engagement

Another reason why some people think that blogging may die is SEO changes.

With Google constantly updating its algorithm, it's becoming harder to rank on the first page of search results.

But this doesn't mean that blogs are becoming obsolete. Rather, it means that bloggers need to be more strategic with their content creation, and SEO techniques.

Furthermore, blogging has evolved over the years. It's no longer just about writing content.

It's about producing content that search engines like Google are constantly looking for: unique high-quality content that is valuable, people-first, and also search intent-based.

Also, as relevant, incorporating multimedia elements like videos, infographics, and podcasts within content can make blog posts more engaging and shareable.

Engagement and user experience are becoming more and more popular.

“Blogging isn’t useful if you aren’t keeping tabs on performance and reader engagement. Identify the metrics you want to track, review the analytics regularly, and make data-driven decisions to optimize and maximize your blogging efforts” – SmartBug and rockcontent [Report for 2023]

Last, but not least, it is also untrue to believe that the present generative AI revolution will negatively impact blogging efforts.

With a quicker content generation process, it has actually given blogging a new lease of life, making it the most viable form that allows almost anyone to start a blog or boost their existing blogging efforts even further.

Even if there has been a reduction in organic search traffic and clicks, that many website owners and bloggers already experience, this pattern will likely remain for a few more months, as search engines' generative experience [SGE] based experiments are in progress.

It also serves as a reminder of the necessity to intensify blogging activities while adhering to Google's EEAT criteria and the requirements and needs of users, readers, or customers, whether you employ AI tools or not.

Possible factors for an E-E-A-T evaluation:

Possible factors for an E-E-A-T evaluation
Also, remember this - “AI-generated content should be seen as a complement to human expertise, not a replacement” – MarketMuse

Pro-Tip: To increase the reach and visibility of your blog post content, focus more than ever on content distribution strategies [as a video, tweets, threads, LinkedIn carousels, Instagram carousels, Facebook posts, and other places where you believe your audience is].

In conclusion, blogging will not die and it's still a vital aspect of digital marketing and content creation.

While there may be changes in the way blogs are being created and consumed, the essence of blogging remains the same: providing valuable content to online audiences.

So if you're thinking of starting a blog or already have one, keep at it. Your efforts will pay off in the long run.

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