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Will ChatGPT Kill Blogging? - [Revealed]

Will ChatGPT Kill Blogging
Photo by Mikhail Nilov [Pexels]

Will ChatGPT Kill Blogging?:

No, ChatGPT will not kill blogging. I understand that you might be wondering about this question in relation to Open AI's ChatGPT, which is used worldwide in both free and paid versions. Right?

“Doing searches within ChatGPT is a new paradigm that threatens Google’s dominance in traditional search” MediaPost

First of all, it's important to understand what Open AI's ChatGPT is and how it works. ChatGPT is a language model that uses machine learning to generate human-like responses to natural language inputs.

In simpler terms, it's an AI-powered chatbot that can hold conversations with humans. In fact, it exceeded user expectations in almost every way.

Do you know? - “69% Of Marketers Are Using ChatGPT, Making It By Far The Most Popular AI Tool” AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

Now, again to answer the question at hand - will ChatGPT kill blogging? The short answer is no, it won't.

But to a certain extent, yes, there is indeed an impact on organic search clicks and traffic for publishers. [Of course, some of this impact is also attributable to SGE [Search Engine Generative Experience], which is in progress]].

This is because the tasks that were traditionally performed [prior to Dec 2022], such as generating content ideas, conducting keyword research, finding content inspiration, blog post title analysis, content outlines, content briefs, and more, can now be accomplished through various ways and possibilities using ChatGPT.

To put it simply, users have started using ChatGPT directly to look up solutions to their questions instead of using search engines like Google in the past.

“AI tools don't have to be scary. When you adopt the right outlook, you'll see that they can make our lives much easier” MarketingProfs

So, based on the sources I have found, particularly on social media and other blog networks, I would predict that the impact on publishers' websites, including blogs, will be less than 10%.

While ChatGPT is effective in terms of quality, productivity, and speed, only individual bloggers can add a personal touch to the content to give it a finished product form. In other words, add value to readers.

Biggest benefits of using AI [automation] for bloggers and SEOs:

Biggest benefits of using AI [automation] for bloggers and SEOs
Image Source - AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

So, blogging involves more than just writing words on a screen. It requires research, creativity, fact-checking, and strategic thinking to create content that resonates with your target audience.

While ChatGPT can produce content, it can't replicate the unique voice and perspective of a human blogger, despite a recent generative AI’s research survey showing that content quality is approaching a human touch.

“65.8% Of People Think AI Content Is Equal To Or Better Than Human Writing” – AuthorityHacker’s AI Survey 2023 Report

Therefore, you may think of ChatGPT as an assistant who helps you be more productive than you were before and improve the quality of your content by aiming to meet the needs and demands of your audience.

In other words, use it as inspiration while incorporating your own style into your writing.

Bloggers must keep up with trends in order to succeed, and they should do everything possible to improve their search engine rankings in their blogging efforts, or websites in general.

At the same time, you must keep in mind that [Google processes billions of searches every second, every day]; therefore, you should not be afraid and should instead focus on your task at hand.

Now read this:

“Though data is limited in regards to how often people use ChatGPT in place of search engines, ChatGPT currently receives about 1 billion [monthly] website visitors and has an estimated 100 million active users” - HubSpot

With concerns running through your head, I hope you got some form of relief!

Use ChatGPT responsibly and wisely to advance your work; strive and thrive in the future to many such challenges.

Pro-Tip: To reduce serious negative consequences, it is strongly suggested to focus on building a loyal audience, fostering a community, and growing your email list.

These measures can help compensate for any potential decline in search-driven traffic and clicks on your blog posts [blog performance].

In conclusion, ChatGPT won't kill blogging, except a bit of increased challenges for bloggers [site owners], also a powerful tool and technology for improved performance.

So, as long as bloggers continue to provide valuable content and engage with their audience, blogging will continue to thrive.

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