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Is B2B Sales a Good Career? - [Beyond the Desk]

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Is B2B Sales a Good Career
Photo by Edmond Dantès [Pexels]

Is B2B Sales a Good Career?:

Yes, B2B sales is a good career. In fact, it can be an incredibly rewarding and one of the latest best lucrative career choices. Let me break it down for you and explain why.

Are you aware? - “According to CSO Insights, the average sales cycle for most B2B sales is at least four months from start to close. Nearly half were found to take seven months or more” - Data Axle’s B2B Lead Generation Report

B2B Sales as a Good Career:

1. First and foremost, B2B sales is all about selling products or services to other businesses, rather than to individual consumers.

This means that you'll be dealing with professionals who are well-versed in the industry and have a deep understanding of their business needs.

This can make the sales process more challenging, but also more exciting and intellectually stimulating.

“Driving account growth and customer retention continues to be a top priority among sales leaders” RAIN Group [on B2B selling]

2. One of the great things about B2B sales is the potential for high earnings.

Since you'll be selling to businesses, the deal sizes are typically larger, which means the commission checks can be quite substantial.

Additionally, many B2B sales roles offer attractive base salaries [average US $45,000 to $65,000 per year], along with performance-based bonuses and incentives, which is quite good!

So if you're motivated by financial rewards, this could be the perfect career path for you.

3. Another advantage of B2B sales is the opportunity for professional growth.

As you work with different clients and industries, you'll gain valuable knowledge and insights that can help you advance in your career.

You'll develop strong business acumen, negotiation skills, and the ability to build long-lasting relationships with clients.

These skills are highly transferable and can open doors to other leadership positions within sales or even in other areas of business.

Interesting insight - “95% consider B2B marketing training to be important to their professional careers” MarketingProfs

4. Moreover, B2B sales can provide a sense of fulfillment and impact.

When you successfully close a deal or help a client solve a problem through your product or service, you're contributing to their business growth and success.

This can be incredibly rewarding, knowing that your efforts are making a tangible difference in the business world.

5. That being said, it's important to note that B2B sales are not for everyone. It requires resilience, persistence, and the ability to handle rejection.

The sales cycle in B2B can be longer and more complex compared to B2C sales, as it often involves multiple stakeholders and decision-makers.

You need to be comfortable with navigating these complexities and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Do you know? - “There's now an average of 27 touchpoints in a B2B buying cycle, according to Forrester Research's latest B2B buying survey” MarketingProfs

B2B Buyers Lead Sources and Buyer Journey Research

B2B Buyers Lead Sources and Buyer Journey Research
Image Source - Data Axle’s B2B Lead Generation Report

What is B2B Sales Experience?:

B2B sales experience refers to the knowledge and skills gained through working in the field of business-to-business sales.

One key aspect of B2B sales experience is understanding the target market and identifying potential customers within that market.

This involves conducting market research, analyzing industry trends, and identifying potential opportunities for growth.

By having a deep understanding of the target market, B2B sales professionals can effectively tailor their messaging and approach to resonate with potential customers.

“As digital adoption increases, B2B service practitioners need to work on the development of digital service channels that are considered the minimum requirements in consumer environments” - Oracle and Ascend2 Survey Report

Another important component of B2B sales experience is relationship building. In B2B sales, building strong relationships with customers is crucial for long-term success.

This involves establishing trust, understanding the customer's business objectives, and providing ongoing support and value.

B2B sales professionals often act as trusted advisors, offering insights and guidance to help their customers achieve their goals.

In addition to relationship building, effective communication skills are essential in B2B sales.

This includes not only verbal communication but also written communication through emails, proposals, and presentations.

“Personalizing communication with your clients at every possible touchpoint is no longer a nice-to-have, but a crucial consideration in order to stay relevant and competitive” Creatopy

B2B sales professionals should be able to articulate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, addressing any concerns or objections that may arise during the sales process.

Furthermore, B2B sales experience often involves collaborating with internal teams such as marketing, product development, and customer service.

By working closely with these teams, B2B sales professionals can ensure that customer needs are met and that any issues or challenges are addressed promptly.

Overall, B2B sales experience encompasses a range of skills and knowledge required to successfully sell products or services to other businesses.

Those with B2B sales experience are equipped with the expertise needed to navigate the unique challenges of selling in a business-to-business context.

In conclusion, B2B sales can be a good career choice if you're driven, motivated by financial rewards, and also enjoy working in a dynamic and highly challenging environment.

It offers ample opportunities for growth, both professionally and financially. However, it's crucial to assess your own strengths and interests before diving into this field.

If you excel at building relationships, have a knack for understanding business needs, and thrive under pressure, then B2B sales might just be the perfect fit for you!

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