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[Secondary Keywords SEO] - Are they really important?

Updated: Apr 22

secondary keywords SEO - [keywords importance in SEO]
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Secondary Keywords SEO:

Yes, secondary keywords are an important part of SEO, as they help search engines understand the context and relevance of your website content to a particular query.

Remember - “Dive deep into the search terms your potential customers use. Tailoring your content to these keywords enhances visibility and relevance” MarTech

To give you more information, let's go deeper.

Secondary Keywords SEO:

Basically, secondary keywords are words and phrases that are related to the main keyword (and or primary keyword) or phrase that you are targeting, and they help to add additional context to the content on your website.

For example, if your main keyword is “dog food”, then your secondary keywords could be things like “dog nutrition”, “diet for dogs”, “healthy dog food”, and so on.

These secondary keywords will help search engines understand that your website is relevant to the query of “dog food”, as well as related topics.

Using secondary keywords properly can also help improve your website’s organic traffic.

Since the secondary keywords are related to the main keyword, they will often appear in search engine results when someone searches for the main keyword.

This means that people searching for “dog food” are more likely to find your website if it contains related terms like “dog nutrition” or “healthy dog food”.

Thus, using secondary keywords within website content can help improve the relevancy of your content, which can lead to higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Primary [Main Keyword] vs. Secondary Keywords:

Another example:

Primary [Main Keyword] vs. Secondary Keywords

Search engines also favor websites that have content that is related to the query and that is written in a natural language. Using secondary keywords can help ensure that your content is relevant and that it reads naturally.

Additionally, when search engines crawl your website, they look at the content that is related to the main keyword.

But if you have secondary keywords throughout the content, it can help the search engine understand what your website is about and how it should be ranked ahead.

Overall, secondary keywords are an important part of SEO and should not be overlooked. They can help improve organic traffic, relevancy, and rankings in SERPs.

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