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[SEO 2023] - Is SEO still important in 2023?

Updated: Jan 4

[SEO 2023] - Is SEO still important in 2023?

Yes, SEO is still relevant and will be very important in 2023. SEO is only getting more and more important, and it will continue to do so for years to come. As per siege media, nearly 92% of total web searches are performed on Google.

Google is always changing its algorithm with updates to make sure that sites that are high quality are rewarded, and that sites that have low-quality content are penalized.

I also expect Google's automated systems to become even more adept at detecting spammy content sites. As a result, it will become increasingly important to produce high-quality content that is relevant and unique to your target audience and remain in the competition.

Does SEO matter anymore?

Yes, it will matter. If you want your website to do well in Google search results, you need to focus on SEO. This will help you achieve better rankings and more traffic, which will lead to more subscribers, leads, potential customers, and sales.

“Influence of on-page SEO signals in improving organic search traffic is 86%” - State of Link Building Report 2022 by Aira

If you don't have good SEO, your site won't show up on the first page of Google search results. Without SEO, you or your business likely won't get very far with your marketing campaigns and end up with poor results.

Google Feed - [Consumer Feed Behavior Research]

Furthermore, due to global data privacy laws, few major iOS updates, and other ongoing market factors that have made conversions from paid or sponsored marketing campaigns more difficult than ever, resulting increased marketing budget or expenditure, thus motivated to a greater need than ever to apply SEO techniques in a business marketing operations.

“Strategy, SEO, and Digital Marketing dominate the list of topics, highlighting the clear connection between content marketing, business goals, and search traffic” - State of Content Marketing Report 2022 by Semrush

While still utilizing other marketing strategies available [based on your business niche], SEO should be the cornerstone of any online marketing plan. Also, the significance of mobile SEO is growing.

SEO will therefore continue to be significant as long as Google is around, and businesses can benefit from it in terms of long-term business sustainability.

Additionally, keep in mind that while SEO results are slow, the rewards are larger. Being consistent will only maximize opportunities.

The more visibility and traffic you have from search engines, the higher the chances are that your site will convert significantly. So, SEO will be still important in 2023.

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