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What is the Future of SEO as a Profession?

What is the Future of SEO as a Profession?:

The future of SEO as a profession is progressive in nature, especially in a post-pandemic era when businesses are moving online gradually, but there are a few trends that are likely to have a significant impact on the field over the next few years.

“Strategy,” “SEO,” and “Digital Marketing” dominate the list of topics, highlighting the clear connection between content marketing, business goals, and search traffic” - Content Marketing Report 2022 by Semrush

First, Google is continually making changes to its search engine algorithm, which affects how search results are displayed. These changes often result in websites that were previously at the top of search results being pushed or replaced with different websites.

As a result, existing websites may need to be modified or optimized in order to stay competitive in Google search results.

Another trend is the growth of voice search and voice-activated devices such as Amazon's Alexa. Voice search likely won't replace traditional text-based search engines, but it does represent an additional way that people can access information.

As a result, websites may need to be optimized for both text-based and voice-based searches if they want to stay competitive.

Share of internet users conducting voice search worldwide: 42% [Statista]

Finally, more companies are developing artificial intelligence technology that can perform tasks traditionally done by humans, such as analyzing data or writing articles or content. This could lead to a reduction in the demand for human workers in certain fields, including SEO.

However, AI technology may also lead to the creation of new career opportunities that didn't exist before.

“The vast majority of SEOs (94%) said they believe Google will continue to use links as a ranking signal for the next five years” - Aira’s SEO Survey Study And Analysis

Yet, the driving factor for SEO is always a piece of content, and having a few extra skills in addition to SEO is essential today to increase opportunities. This is where human experience and creativity will be needed.

If you can offer a service that no machine can provide, your business or profile will be well-placed to succeed in the future!

Pro-Tip: For a confident move forward, you can also ask the opinion of a few successful SEO experts whom you are aware of or in your professional network.

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