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How to do a Social Media Audit?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

How to do a Social Media Audit?:

In this digital world, brands and businesses need to be present on social media to reach their target audience. However, just posting content on these platforms is not enough.

You need to keep track of your efforts and see what is working for you so that you can double down on those activities and ditch others that aren’t giving you any returns.

This is where a social media audit (often referred to as a social media content audit) comes in handy.

A social media audit helps in understanding the scope of your social media strategy and which platforms offer the best opportunities for you.

It also gives insights into what kind of content your followers want to see from you, which topics they find interesting, and what type of visuals they prefer.

This way, you know exactly how to adjust your strategy going forward and achieve the best outcomes including good ROI from your social media marketing campaigns.

Business's Presence on Social Media:

What is a Social Media Audit?:

A social media audit, or social media content audit, is an analysis of the social media strategy of your brand to see if there is any scope for improvement.

It helps you understand the overall scope of your social media marketing activities and how different platforms can be used to increase your reach.

A content audit can be done for any social media platform that your brand is currently active on, and the insights can help you refine your strategy for better engagement.

If your brand has been on social media for a while now, it is important to do an audit now and then to see if your efforts are generating results and what kind of content works best for your audience.

Doing so allows you to make necessary changes in your strategy if any of your content is not working well.

Why Should You Do a Social Media Audit?:

There are many reasons why you should do a social media content audit. First of all, it allows you to track your progress and see where you are falling short.

It can help you understand what factors are contributing to higher engagement and what factors aren’t helping at all. This is important because it allows you to refocus your efforts on what’s working and ditch what’s not.

A content audit can help you increase your reach and drive more traffic to your website. This also allows you to understand if your content is relevant to your audience, and you can make necessary changes as needed.

A content audit can help you save time and money, as you know what is working and what isn’t, so you don’t have to do everything at once.

Platforms for Social Media Audit:

The good thing about social media is that it is not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, no one formula works for every brand. You have to decide which platforms make sense for your brand and how often you are going to post on each.

However, a good social media content audit will provide insights into all the platforms you are active on.

You can find out how many people are following your page, how many posts are getting likes, and how many people are clicking on your links.

You can also find out which types of posts are performing better than the others. You can then use this information to create more similar content and increase your engagement.

Ultimate Checklist for Social Media Success

When doing a social media content audit, you should carefully examine each element of your social media presence, including:

Social Media Profiles:

  • Which social networks are you active on?

  • Which ones need more attention?

  • How can you make your profiles more attractive to potential followers?

  • If you are using multiple profiles for the same business or brand, how can you make them cohesive?

  • What types of content should be included on each profile?

  • How can you use cross-promotion to increase exposure?

  • How can you improve the user experience by using elements such as call-to-actions [CTA], color schemes, and ad units?

Social Media Content Posts:

  • Which types of posts get the most engagement? - Text or videos?

  • Which ones get the least engagement?

  • Are there certain times of day that result in higher engagement rates?

  • What types of images result in higher engagement rates?

  • How can you use images to convey your message more effectively?

  • Are there any common mistakes that you are making with your posts that need to be fixed?

  • How can you improve the overall quality of your posts so that they are more likely to be appreciated by your followers?

  • What can be done to make your posts more shareable so that they become more visible to new followers who may not be familiar with your existing following?

  • Can any elements be automated or scheduled so that they are always being posted at optimal times?

  • How can you increase the exposure of older posts that may not have gotten enough attention initially (due to low traffic or poor timing)?

  • Can any older posts be repurposed or updated for better results?

  • Any existing campaign can be adapted for better results or better targeting.

The Social Media Manager will play a key role in all these social media audit activities.

Tracking Social Media Posts:

What to track in social media posts

People Talking About Your Brand:

This is the first thing you want to find out about the social media platforms you are tracking.

You want to check if people are talking about your brand, and if they are, you should also find out what they are saying. This will help you understand what you can do better.

You can use social listening tools to keep track of what people are saying about your brand and any mentions of your brand name. This data can help you devise a strategy and create more engaging content.

Discover Which Topics Inspire Your Audience:

You should examine your top posts and see which topics work best for you. This information can help you come up with more engaging content and drive more traffic to your website.

You should also keep track of the type of content that your followers are clicking on and engaging with the most.

This can help you see what kind of content they want from you. You can then create more of this type of content to engage and inspire your followers.

Platforms Best for Audience Engagement:

Different social media platforms have different rules. This means that you have to create content that meets the requirements of the platform and also meets your brand standards.

You have to produce content that is relevant, engaging, and click-worthy so that it gets more likes, shares, and clicks. This can help you understand the best platform for you and your brand.

You can also use these social media insights to create more engaging content on the platform you like and want to focus on.

Determine Why Things are Working (or Not):

Once you have analyzed your social media content, it’s time to understand why things are working or not working for you.

You can do this by creating a table or a chart where you list all your platforms, the type of content you are posting on those platforms, and how often you are posting. This can help you see if you need to make any changes to your strategy.

If you find out that one of your posts is not performing well, you can check what is wrong with it and fix it. This way, you can improve your engagement overall and also increase the number of engagements on each of your posts.

Social Media Platforms with Good ROI in 2024

social media platforms that deliver good ROI in 2024
Image Source: Social Trends 2024 Report by Hootsuite

Key Findings From Social Media Audit:

  • Once you have completed your audit, you can see which platforms are working best for you.

  • You can also check if any topics aren’t getting enough attention and need more focus.

  • You can use this information to improve your social media strategy.

  • You can also use this data to create a more engaging content strategy and drive more traffic to your website.

A content audit can help you understand the overall scope of your social media activities and how different platforms can be used to increase your reach or, in general, the goals you have planned.

In summary, a social media content audit is a comprehensive analysis of all of the content on your social media accounts.

It will give you an overall picture of the current state of your social media presence, including an evaluation of both the quality and quantity of your content, while putting you on the right path to improving your results (or conversions).

This helps you save time and money while getting better results. This also allows you to create better content and get more engagement from your followers.

With a solid social media content audit in hand, you know what you need to focus on, and you can create better content for your followers.

This can also help you build a strong social media presence and improve your brand’s engagement and performance, including achieving your business and marketing goals.

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