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Top 14 Tips for New Business Owners to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Tips for New Business Owners to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio [Pexels]

14 Tips for New Business Owners to Stay Ahead of the Competition:

Research and experienced business owners highlight key tips for starting and sustaining a successful new business journey. These insights provide valuable guidance for long-term rewards in entrepreneurship.

1. Have a Business Website

[Benefit: Builds business branding in the market]

2. Optimize Website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [you may hire an SEO expert]

[Benefit: To tap free targeted traffic or organic traffic from search engines like Google]

3. Start building E-Mail lists

[Benefit: Builds relationships and customer loyalty]

4. Establish a strong social media presence (at least on 2 platforms and Facebook is one among them)

[Benefit: Develop social branding and showcase updates]

5. Focus on product or service quality. Always ensure that your business products are Market-Fit

[Benefit: Improves sales like a hot cake]

6. Ask for customer testimonials from time to time

[Benefit: Removes friction in the mindset of the potential customers and boosts sales or improves conversions]

7. Seek feedback from customers, analyze, and enhance your business efficiency

[Benefit: It adds value to the business and shows that you care about what they have to say.]

8. Build relationships with the customers and potential prospects

[Benefit: Increases the effectiveness of word-of-mouth promotion]

9. To develop trust, respond to customer issues as soon as possible

[Benefit: Builds loyalty and more business revenue]

10. Overdeliver results to customers or clients whenever and wherever possible [Benefit: Customer or client happiness is improved, and they are more likely to return]

11. To raise brand awareness and strengthen relationships with your target audience, use E-Mail Marketing and Content Marketing

[Benefit: Promotion and branding of the business in the market will continue.]

12. Integrate marketing automation features into your business operations as much as possible to boost productivity and efficiency

[Benefit: More business revenue is generated, and errors are drastically reduced.]

13. Go the extra mile to gain consumers

[Benefit: Strengthens business commitment in the eyes of the customers or clients]

14. To build a business-friendly environment, be prompt with money-back or refund concerns

[Benefit: Avoids negative discussion in the market and encourages potential customers to reconsider their decision in future purchases from the business including a sense of trust]


Depending on the nature of your business and the size of your operations, you may add more to the above.

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