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9 Challenges Of Email Marketing - What You Need To Know To Improve Results?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Challenges Of Email Marketing

9 Challenges Of Email Marketing - What You Need To Know To Improve Results?:

Email marketing has become one of the most effective and affordable ways to connect with your customers and grow your business.

In fact, a recent study found that companies that use email marketing see around 30% higher ROI than companies that do not use email marketing.

However, email marketing comes with its fair share of challenges. If you are just getting started with email marketing, then this blog post is for you.

In this post, you will learn about the challenges of email marketing, plus strategies to tackle each of them to get you the best results.

Challenges Of Email Marketing:

Challenge 1: Improving Open Rate:

You should always keep improving your open rate. The more your subscribers open your emails, the more you can improve their trust in you, and the more they will buy from you.

Email marketing is about sending emails to your subscribers and getting them to read. If you are sending emails and not getting opened, then you are doing something wrong.

You need to find out what that is before it's too late!

For example, if your subscribers are not opening your emails because they do not see them, then you need to edit your subject lines and make them more eye-catching so that they stand out from the crowd of other emails in their inboxes.

Challenge 2: Getting Unsubscribed:

Subscriber Emails are sent to the inbox of subscribers, so they do not have any other option but to read them. However, a subscriber can easily unsubscribe from your email list.

According to a study by Experian, 60% of emails are only opened once or not at all. If your subscribers are receiving your emails and immediately hitting the unsubscribe button, then you are doing something wrong.

You should make it easy for people to subscribe and hard for them to unsubscribe from your email list. This means that you should improve your opt-in process.

Challenge 3: Getting Emails Delivered:

Inbox providers such as Gmail and Yahoo! have strict rules about what kind of content can be sent through their servers.

For example, Gmail does not allow you to send messages with attachments larger than 25MB or files with names longer than 64 characters.

Yahoo! does not allow you to use certain words in subject lines such as "free" and "offer." The best way to overcome this challenge is to use a professional email service provider.

Challenge 4: Getting Emails Clicked (CTRs):

You should also make sure that people who click through on your links actually visit the pages that you want them to visit.

This means that you should invest some time into making your landing page look attractive and relevant to the content of the email. To get more people to open your emails, you have to make them more interesting.

You can do this by providing links to good content (such as blogs or videos or free downloadable resources) or by providing incentives in the form of competitions or giveaways till you build a healthy email relationship.

It is also a good idea to use bullet points or numbered lists so that your subscribers can skim through the email without having to read every single word and have a call to action (CTA) to make them do as you desired.

The higher the CTR, the higher the engagement level of your subscribers with your business, and the better their relationship with you as a brand.

If you have a low CTR, then it is time to change something in your email marketing process to improve it.

Challenge 5: Getting Emails Forwarded:

This is an important challenge! You need your subscribers to forward your emails to their friends and colleagues because this will spread the news of your business and increase your customer base.

The best way for you to achieve this goal is by providing links in the body of your email at the bottom using various social media icons which will enable people who receive it to get shared based on their favorite platform.

You can even reward subscribers based on the number of referrals. However, you need to be careful in this process because you do not want to violate any privacy laws. The solution?

Always make sure that you include an option for people to unsubscribe from your email list at any time.

Challenge 6: Getting Emails Segmented:

You need to segment your email list. You might be sending out emails to a group of people who are all in the same industry but they do not have the same purchasing power.

You should segment your email list based on their purchasing power and send them emails accordingly. This will help you get the right ROI for your business.

Behavior-based segmentation is a profitable process that needs to be tapped into to get the optimum ROI based on your efforts.

Challenge 7: Getting Emails Printed:

This is another important challenge, but you may consider it optional in a digital revolution world!

You should encourage your subscribers to print out your emails (not all) and pin them up on a notice board in the office or on their work desks.

This will serve as a constant reminder of the products and services you offer. The printout could be some amazing quotes or templates or cheat sheets or short guides based on the business niche served.

Challenge 8: Improve Engagement:

You should definitely be encouraging your subscribers to share their feedback or concerns. This will help you to reach out at a personal level and builds trust and you are remembered in their inbox every time.

You should also be encouraging your existing subscribers to open your emails regularly so that they don’t miss out on any content that you are sending out.

Challenge 9: Understanding Data Analytics:

You should definitely gauge on analytics system in your email service provider so that you can track every single step and understand what works and what doesn’t.

You should be looking at the open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, bounce rates, and all the other stats that you can get your hands on.

These will help you to understand your subscribers better and help you to make better business decisions and adust the email campaigns accordingly to get the best results.


Email marketing is a very effective and affordable way to promote your business. If you use it correctly, it can help you to generate more leads and sales, with consistent efforts than any other marketing channel.

While revenue is important, it's equally important to focus on building a relationship with your subscribers that will drive the momentum needed for profitable email marketing.

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